Jones County Junior College Math League
In an effort to spotlight the academic talent of our area’s best and brightest high school math students, the Math Division and Administration of Jones County Junior College coordinate and host the Bobcat Math League each fall.  The math league creates a stage of competition among high school math teams from JCJC’s eight county district in topics including percents, fractions, probability, statistics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. The Math Division and Administration of Jones County Junior College look forward to hosting the Bobcat Math League for many years to come.


The goals for the Math League are:
  • to increase math interest in a greater number of students
  • to increase Mississippi standardized test scores and ACT math scores
  • to increase the number of students entering college
  • to foster community relations among high schools, businesses, and JCJC

Planning Committee

Dr. Jesse Smith, President, Jones County Junior College
Mr. Chris Wilson, Bobcat Math League Community Representative
Dr. Jessica Bunch, JCJC Math Instructor, Bobcat Math League Commissioner
Dr. Corey Jones, JCJC Math Instructor, Division Chair, Scoreboard Technician
Mr. Bob Stevens, JCJC Math Instructor, Statitician
Ms. Candace Weaver, Vice President of Instructional Affairs
Mr. Charlie Garretson, Vice President of Advancement and Director of Foundation and Alumni

Rules Committee

Dr. Jessica Bunch
Dr. Corey Jones
Mr. Bob Stevens


Ms. Kimberly Bradshaw
Dr. Jessica Bunch
Ms. Angela Cooley
Ms. Margaret Anne James
Dr. Corey Jones
Ms. Kerri Pippin
Mr. Tim Rayner
Mr. Bob Stevens