Business Office

Spring 2018

The Business Office is located on the second floor of the Administration Building. Normal hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Prompt and accurate settlement of all accounts is expected of all students.


Payment of Tuition and Fees
Students may make payment with cash, check, credit card, money order or Bobcat Bucks at the business office during regular office hours.
Online Payments
Students may make payments online. Log on to myJones and choose the PeopleSoft app. Next navigate to the Student Center, click Account Inquiry and/or Make a Payment. Students may pay online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.
Phone Payments
Students may make payments by phone by calling 1-866- 526-6007 and using Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover.


The following is the Jones County Junior College Payment Plan for the Spring 2018 term:
January 31, 2018 ¼ of Balance Due
February 28, 2018 ¼ of Balance Due
March 28, 2018 ¼ of Balance Due
April 30, 2018 Remaining Balance Due

Scholarships, Pell grants, loans or other types of aid must be completed and awarded to the student’s account in order to satisfy the payment plan. The priority deadline for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 is April 1. FAFSA applicants received after April 1 are not guaranteed to be completed and awarded by September 1st, when the first payment is due. Accordingly, students must make payment themselves in order to secure and maintain their enrollment. In the event aid is completed and awarded after a student makes payment, this payment will not be refunded. Any payments will be returned to the student in the form of a refund during the published refund dates and not before.

Past Due/Overdue Balances.

Failure to pay your balance could result in any, or all of the following:

  • Deletion of Schedule/Enrollment
  • Late Payment Fee Charge
  • Unable to Enroll in a Future Term
  • Unable to Receive a Transcript


Academic and Technical General Tuition Fee:
$1700.00 (15-21 hours) per semester
$130.00 per semester hour (less than 15 hours)
*more than 21 hours creates a $130 per hour surcharge

Vocational Tuition Fee:
Approximately $567.00 for a five week session, and $850.00 for a seven week session.

Academic, Technical and Vocational Out-of-State Tuition Fee:
Part time (under 15 hours) $205.00 per semester hour, not to exceed $1,000.00
Full Time (15-19 hours) $1,000.00
Non-Resident (Out-of-State) students are charged both Out-of-State and General Tuition.

Legal residents of the State of Mississippi meet the criteria set forth in Section 37-103, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated. A copy of this Section of the Code is available in the Admissions and Records Office.

Registration Fee: $40.00

Senior Citizens:
If space is available, senior citizens over the age of 65 may enroll in courses without paying registration or general fees. However, any applicable lab fee must be paid. Information concerning this program may be obtained from the Deans’ Office.

Mini Session/OnDemand Courses:
A student may enroll in a mini and/or OnDemand session that is offered within the regular semester schedule. These courses are additional hours and may require a student to owe additional tuition or tuition-related fees charges. Please see the Business Office prior to enrolling in any additional courses for an overview of new charges.

*The Board of Trustees of Jones County Junior College reserves the right to change any or all fees without notice.
Duals: Dual Credit students are charged $60 per credit hour. Students should contact Kathryn Davis in the Recruiting (601) 477-4027 for more information.
Dual Enrolledstudents are charged the same price as a regularly enrolled student.


$466 Key Pick-up Payment/Move-in Payment
This fee applies towards the overall dorm cost
FALL 2017

$2066.00 for the fall semester or four payments of $400 after $466 move in payment.

$1666.00 for returning spring semester students: Four payments of $416.50; no initial move in payment required.
$1866.00 for new spring semester students: Four payments of $350 after $466 move in payment.

Except on official school holidays, resident hall students are provided three meals per day each day of the week. Meals are provided if the dorms are open. All resident hall students are required to purchase a mailbox and a college cafeteria meal plan.

Residence Hall Move OutTo withdraw officially from the dormitory, a student must secure a withdrawal notice from the Director of Housing. The room and board fees are not refundable.
A student who moves out may no longer live on campus; however they will still be allowed to continue to use their dorm meal ticket in the cafeteria for the remainder of the term.
Residence Hall Room Processing FeeA residence hall room processing fee of $50.00 is payable in advance in order to reserve a room in the resident halls. This fee is nonrefundable unless the college fails to provide the student a room by the first day of class.
Dorm Meal Plan
Please see the appropriate housing office for various meal plan options for dorm students; do so by the first week of courses.

Work-Based Learning: $130.00 per semester hour
Change of Schedule Fee: $20.00
Returned Check Fee: $40.00
Replacement Identification Card: $40.00
Replacement Key Card (Smith Hall): $40.00
Multiple Decals or Replacement: $25.00
Commuter Meal Ticket:
Plan A: $305. 00 to be used only at on campus dining locations
Plan B: $155.00 to be used only at on campus dining locations
Plan C: $55.00 to be used only at on campus dining locations
Alternate Option to Commuter Meal Ticket:
Students who do not wish to charge or purchase a commuter meal ticket may purchase Bobcat Bucks to be applied to their JCJC OneCard. These funds can be used in the cafeteria, bookstore, select vending machines, and other, multiple on and off campus locations.

Students who are full time in the fall semester will receive a yearbook. Yearbooks are delivered near the end of spring semester and qualifying students must pick up their yearbook before the close of the second summer semester. See College Calendar 2017-2018 for these dates.


It is the student's responsibility to withdraw officially. Refunds of fees are computed according to the date the student personally contacts the Student Success Center to complete the withdrawal process or the date the student drops their courses themselves online, not the last day of class attendance.

Students must withdraw from a course by the first day of class in order to receive 100%.

Requests for exceptions because of extenuating circumstances such as illness or death must be submitted in writing to the Business Office. An administrative committee will review the request, and the student will be notified as to whether or not an exception to the refund policy can be made. The college will not refund fees originally paid by check until the check has successfully cleared the student’s bank.

Registration Fee: This fee is not refundable.

Late Registration Fee: This fee is not refundable.

Laboratory Fees:Laboratory fees can be refunded if the student officially withdraws from the lab course by 01/09/2017 for regular session courses and by 01/17/2017 for online courses.

General Fee, Technology Fee, Part-time Fee, and Non-Resident Tuition: Students who officially withdraw from school before the end of the term are entitled to partial refunds under certain conditions. These fees will be refunded as follows:

Fall 2017

Session Amount of Refund Last Date
Regular 100% 01/08/2018
Regular 50% 01/22/2018
WWW* 100% 01/16/2018
WWW* 50% 01/30/2018
5W1 100% 01/08/2018
5W1 50% 01/22/2018
7W1 100% 01/08/2018
7W1 50% 01/22/2018
JAN04 100% 01/16/2018
JAN04 50% 01/23/2018
JAN08 100% 01/16/2018
JAN08 50% 01/30/2018
FEB04 100% 02/12/2018
FEB04 50% 02/19/2018
MAR04 100% 03/12/2018
MAR04 50% 03/19/2018
MAR08 100% 03/12/2018
MAR08 50% 03/26/2018
APR04 100% 04/09/2018
APR04 50% 04/16/2018

*Hybrid Online courses are considered Regular Session. Therefore, the Regular Session dates must be considered when determining refund amount.

Students must withdraw from a course by the first day of class in order to receive 100%.