Business Office

Summer 2015

The Business Office is located on the second floor of the Administration Building. Normal hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Prompt and accurate settlement of all accounts is expected of all students.

Registration Fee: All summer school students will pay a $40 registration fee.

Academic and Technical Courses: General tuition rate for the summer term is $60 per semester hour. Out-of-state residents will be charged an additional $10 per semester hour.

Vocational Courses: Mississippi residents will pay a general fee of $415 for the nine-week summer term or $207.50 per 4/5 week sessions.

Residence Hall Fees: Dormitory students will be assessed $600 for each four-week term. Residence hall fees for the first four-week term are due at registration. Fees for the second term are due in the Business Office by July 1, 2015.

Late Registration Fee: Academic and technical students who register after the close of regular registration will be charged a late fee of $15.00.

Other Fees and Expenses: Students may be subject to other miscellaneous fees and expenses. Most of these are identified in the 2015-2016 Catalog published by the College.

Technology Fee: All students will be charged a technology fee of $3.00 per semester hour, not to exceed $36.00. These fees will be used to maintain up-to-date technology on campus.

Health Services Fee: All students will be charged a health services fee of $40.00. This fee enables students to see the campus nurse without a visit charge as well as providing a complete fitness center available to all students.

*The Board of Trustees of Jones County Junior College reserves the right to change any or all fees without notice.

Refund Policy

General Fee and Non-Resident Fee: Students who officially withdraw from school before the end of the term are entitled to partial refunds under certain conditions. These fees will be refunded as follows:
        100% 50%
First Four Week   If date of withdrawal is   06/01/15 06/08/15
Second Four Week   If date of withdrawal is   07/06/15 07/13/15
Nine Week / Night   If date of withdrawal is   06/01/15 06/08/15
Online   If date of withdrawal is   06/01/15 06/08/15