Procedure to Register for ODA Services

To receive disability accommodations at JCJC, students must register with the Office for Disability Accommodations (ODA) at Jones County Junior College.

To register with ODA, students must take the following three steps:

Step 1: Complete two forms (an ODA Application and a Consent Form), and return them to ODA. Both forms can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Application to Register for ODA Services and Consent Form

Step 2: Submit documentation of your disability that must be provided by an appropriate health care professional.

  • Below is a link to documentation guidelines that can assist you in gathering necessary information from your doctor or qualified health care provider. Each set of guidelines outlines the exact information that is needed should be shared with your health care professional. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that this information is submitted to ODA. All fees associated with obtaining documentation are the responsibility of the student. The following is the college's list of documentation guidelines for various disability categories:

Documentation Guidelines

  • All disability documentation that is submitted to ODA is kept confidential and will be used in determining eligibility for coverage under ADA and making decisions on accommodation requests.
  • Documentation Form

Step 3: Make an appointment to discuss your accommodation request with the Coordinator of the ODA. You may do this by calling 601-477-2673.

  • It should be noted that registering with ODA is a completely separate process from seeking admission into the college. Further, ODA does not review students' disability documentation until a student has been admitted to JCJC. Apply for Admissions to JCJC
  • Students requesting accessible campus housing should indicate their needs on their Residence Housing Application.