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Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment ? Eligible high school students may earn college credit by taking courses at Jones. Applying for dual enrollment at Jones is easy! Use these steps as a guide. If you have questions regarding dual enrollment or need assistance please contact the Office of Recruitment at 601-477-4116.

Step Number 1


The best way to start your college experience is to connect with your recruiter. Not sure who your recruiter is? Meet your recruiter today.

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Step Number 2


The eligibility requirements for dual enrolled students at Jones are:

  • 14 Core Units
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Recommendation from your high school counselor and parent
  • Must have an ACT score of 16 or above; A math score of 19 or above is required to enroll in College Algebra; An English score of 17 or above is required to enroll in English Comp I.
  • Transcript of coursework through 11th grade submitted by your high school counselor to Jones
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Step Number 3


Submit a Completed Admissions Application to Jones
Dual Enrolled students must complete the Dual Enrollment/Credit Application for Admissions and Dual Authorization Form.

Mail completed Admissions Applications to:
Jones County Junior College
Sandi Flynt
900 South Court Street
Ellisville, MS 39437

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Step Number 4


Submit a Request To Register. Contact your high school’s recruiter to register for classes. To find out who your recruiter is, call 601-477-4116 or Meet Your Recruiter Today .

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Step Number 5


Once your enrollment has been finalized you will be sent an official schedule and a fee statement by the business office. If you have questions regarding fees or method of payment please contact the business office at (601) 477-4010.