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eLearning - Who Who?
The Office of eLearning is made up of the computer lab, proctoring center and the eLearning office. The staff members are here to assist you with all of your technical and online needs.
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eLearning - Who

The Jones eLEARNING program has removed the barriers of location and time, making a college education accessible and affordable.  If you do not have the flexibility to attend traditional on-campus classes then online courses are for you!  Distance education allows everyone the opportunity to access higher education.   

eLEARNING at Jones comes to you in the form of Canvas with educational support for each student.  Students will work independently at their own pace and interact through various communication tools and technologies.  Except for exams, regular campus attendance is not required.

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eLearning - Who Where?
The joy and benefit of online courses is that they can be completed anywhere, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Proctor exams are the only time you have to come to campus. They will be taken in the Academic Support Building, room 119, and if you ever have any trouble you can walk right around the corner and talk to a eLearning specialist in room 129!
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eLearning - Who When?
You can complete your courses whenever is convenient for you! Courses are usually presented in a weekly format, so as long as you complete your assignments for that week, it doesn't matter what time of day you do them!
You should keep in mind that fully online courses taught through Jones last fifteen weeks in the fall and spring and eight weeks in the summer. Normally classes begin the week after traditional classes begin. You can view the MSVCC Calendar for specific dates for each semester.
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eLearning - Who

How do Jones eLearning courses work?

    • Once enrolled, you will be given a Canvas login and password. On the first day of classes you will need to make sure you can login. Any issues should be reported to the eLearning office immediately at 601.477.5454.
    • Assignments are completed on a weekly basis. Attendance is taken weekly as stated in the instructor's syllabus. On the third absence, the student is dropped from the course.
    • All quizzes and exams are taken online EXCEPT 2-3 proctored exams for each online class.
    • Correspondence between the student and instructor is accomplished through the Jones email system. All online students should be able to log into their email. Any questions pertaining to email and/or JCPortal should be directed to the IT Helpdesk at or (601) 477-4160.