Bomb Threats

Report threat immediately to the Assistant to the President, VP for Student Affairs and/or Campus Police. If it is determined that the report has merit, evacuation of buildings will be directed by Campus Police and building supervisors. This should be done in an orderly manner. All persons not involved in search will be moved to a minimum of 300 feet away from building or as directed by officer in charge. If a bomb is found, technical assistance will be requested from the nearest bomb disposal unit. Campus Police, together with building officials, will determine whether evacuation is required.

  • Evacuation Not Ordered - The responding emergency team (campus police, Ellisville Police, etc…) in concert with employees in the affected area, might conduct a convert search. Employees will be asked to discreetly check their immediate work areas for any suspicious packages, devices, etc.
  • Evacuation Ordered - The employees of the building will be evacuated 2000 to 3000 feet from the building and responding emergency teams will conduct a search of the area. Employees in the affected area may be asked to assist in identifying or conduction a brief search under the direction of the Incident Commander.


  1. Exact location of the bomb.
  2. Time set to explode.
  3. What does the bomb look like?
  4. What is the explosive?
  5. Why was it placed?

Obtain as much detailed information as possible about the bomb and its location. Legitimate callers usually wish to avoid injury or detection. Request more information by expressing a desire to save lives.


In the event of a bomb threat, immediately notify:

  1. The Dean of Men or Dean of Women
  2. The Campus Police--Police will notify proper officials
  3. The Dean of Men or Women will make the decision whether or not to evacuate after consultation with the Dean of Student Affairs and the Assistant to the President.

If evacuation is made:

  1. Do not touch any suspicious objects.
  2. Report anything out of the ordinary to residence hall personnel.
  3. Evacuation should be to a minimum of 300 feet.

Investigator's report:

  1. If you receive the call, make yourself available to investigating officers.
  2. Do not discuss the call with other personnel.