In an emergency Dial: 9-911 first and notify Campus Police

Know the location of fire extinguishers, fire exits, and alarm systems in your area and know how to use them.

If a fire exists, activate the building alarm, and report the fire to campus police.

When the building evacuation alarm is sounded, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.

Do not return to an evacuated building/site unless authorized by a member of the Emergency Operations Team.

During the evacuation, direct crowds away from fire hydrants, roadways, and clear sidewalks immediately adjacent to the building. Ask bystanders to assist in watching windows, doorways, etc., for persons that may be trapped inside. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RESCUE. NOTIFY EMERGENCY RESPONDENTS OR FIRE DEPARTMENT PERSONNEL.

Building supervisors should notify Campus Police of break or suspected breaks in utility lines, which might present an additional hazard. Campus Police will notify maintenance and utility companies.

EXPLOSIONS - If an explosion should occur, remove the person or persons immediately from the site and extinguish the fire if possible. Sound the fire alarm and notify Campus Police. Notify EMS and the Campus Nurse immediately. Close all doors where explosions occur to isolate smoke and fire.