Severe Weather

Two weather sirens are located on the campus for detecting severe weather. During clear and sunny weather, the sirens will be tested on the 1st Tuesday in each month at 11:00a.m. The following storm warnings are used by the Weather Bureau.

  1. SEVERE WEATHER WATCH - Means that weather conditions are such that severe thunderstorms may develop.
  2. SEVERE WEATHER WARNING - Means that a severe thunderstorm has developed and probably will affect those areas stated in the weather bulletin.
  3. TORNADO WATCH - A tornado watch is a forecast of the possibility of developing tornadoes in a large area.
  4. TORNADO WARNING - Means that a tornado has been sighted and is approaching the area in the warning.


Tornado Watch--The Campus Police will review tornado plan and notify each building supervisor by phone of impending weather condition. If the building is not designated as a storm shelter, the building supervisor will evacuate the building of all persons to the designated storm shelter. Continue normal activities but watch for tornadoes.