Data Security

Jones County Junior College makes every effort to protect the confidential information of their students and parents to be in compliance with the federal privacy regulations. To do so, all external communications that contain confidential, personal identifiable information must be encrypted. Confidential documents must be sent through a student’s assigned JCJC email account or by encrypting the email using the Secure Message Center.

How To Use the Message Center

1. Use the following link to access the Secure Message Center:

2. First time users will need to Register their email address in order to access the Secure Message Center. You will need to have access to the email address so you can activate the account information.

financial aid image

Returning users can log in with their already registered email and password. The “Forgot your password” reset option is available if you do not remember your already registered information.

3. Once you have logged in to the secure message center, you can review your inbox, compose new emails, review sent emails, etc.

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4. To send an email to the Financial Aid Office that includes any confidential, personally identifiable information, compose an email and include any needed attachments. Don’t forget to ‘Send’ the message once composed.

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5. Once your secure message has been sent, you will receive a response from the Financial Aid Office on the receipt of the sent information.

*NOTE*The Financial Aid Office will not accept any message or attachments that are not considered secure. Any unsecure emails will be deleted and a response sent to the sender from the Financial Aid Office on how to securely send the email.

For more information on the Secure Message Center, please visit This Link