Notifications & Deadlines - Summer 2018

IMPORTANT: *The Census Date is the date during each term in which the Financial Aid Office (FAO) determines the final official enrollment for the term. The class(es) the student is enrolled in and ATTENDING as of the Census Date (for each course schedule) will determine the amount of financial aid the student may receive. Adding and dropping courses before and after the Census Date may affect financial aid awarded amounts and the final balance owed by the student to JCJC.
January 4 1st Day of Spring 2019 Semester
January 23 *Census Date
Regular, (Day and Evening classes) 4 week-1, 5 week-1, 7 week-1
January 31 *Census Date
January- 4 Week
February 6 *Census Date
Online, January- 8 Week
February 19 *Census Date
4 week- 2
February 27 *Census Date
5 week- 2, February- 4 Week
March 7 Refund Processing Begins
March 19 *Census Date
4 week- 3, 7 week- 2
March 26 *Census Date
March- 4 Week
March 31 2019-2020 HELP Scholarship Deadline
Deadline to submit HELP scholarship application to MS Department of Education.
April 1 2019-2020 Financial Aid Priority Date
Start your financial aid application by filling out the FAFSA beginning October 1st each year!
April 10 *Census Date
5 week- 3
April 12 Fall 2018/Spring 2019 and Spring 2019 only Loan Request Deadline
All applications for Fall 2018/Spring 2019 and Spring 2019 only loan request must be received for processing.
April 22 *Census Date
4 week- 4