Notifications & Deadlines - Spring 2016

IMPORTANT: *The Census Date is the date during each term in which the FAO determines the final official enrollment for the term. The class(es) the student is enrolled in and ATTENDING as of the census date (each term) will determine the amount of financial aid the student may receive. Adding and dropping classes before and after the census date may affect financial aid awards and the amount the student owes to JCJC.
January 8 Bookstore Charges
Enrolled students can begin charging at the bookstore against financial aid funds. Students must have a credit balance.
February 2 *Census Date
Regular Term, 6 wk 1, 8 wk 1 (regular & online), Online (regular), 4 wk 1 (online)
February 22

*Census Date
- 4 wk 2 (Online)

March 3 Bookstore Charges
The last day students can charge at the bookstore against financial aid funds.
March 3 *Census Date
- 6 wk 2
March 21

*Census Date
- 4 wk 3 (Online)

March 29

Financial Aid Refund Date
This is the date set by the FAO.

March 30

*Census Date
- 8 wk 2 (Regular & Online)

March 31

Selected State Financial Aid

April 1

JCJC FAO Priority Date
2016-2017 SY (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, & Summer 2017)

All required paperwork must be submitted to the FAO no later than April 1, each year. Paperwork submitted after this date may not be completed before Fall classes begin.

Apply for FAFSA beginning in January each year.

April 19

*Census Date
- 6 wk 3


May 6

Spring 2016 Loan Request Deadline
All financial aid documents must be received and processed.