Welcome to the Veterans Benefit Resource page. The Office of Veterans' Affairs is available to assist all eligible veterans and dependents in applying for educational benefits. A student who plans to use veteran educational benefits should contact the JCJC VA Office for individual counseling.

The following information must be provided to Jones County Junior College:

  • Complete an application for Admissions to JCJC.
  • Provide official transcripts of all colleges attended.
  • Select a degree objective.
  • Contact the VA Office to discuss classes. (Veterans will only be certified for classes that are required for designated JCJC degree.)
  • Submit DD214 (Active Duty) or a NOBE (National Guard or Reserve) from specified unit to the JCJC VA Office, if available.
  • Complete the appropriate application for benefits, (new students who have never received VA Educational Benefits before). Two options to apply are listed below:
    • Apply online at the Department of Veterans' Affairs Website (VONAPP) to submit the application electronically. Then print a copy for the JCJC VA Office.
    • Download and complete the paper application at the Department of Veterans Affairs Website (VONAPP). Then submit the form to the JCJC VA Office.

Click on the following link to begin the electronic or paper application process:

A veteran may be required to pay back benefits received if he/she withdraws or drops a class. It is the student's responsibility to notify the JCJC VA Office if the following occurs:

  • Student registers for classes.
  • Student enrollment level increases or decreases.
  • Student changes degree plan.



  • FTA - Federal Tuition Assistance
    Due to recent changes with Federal Tuition Assistance, the service member is encouraged to contact his/her Education Service Office concerning FTA policies and deadline for applying.

  • Education Service Office

    Mississippi Education Services Office
    Joint Force Headquarters
    1410 Riverside Drive
    Jackson, MS 39202
    Phone: 1-866-403-1289 or (601) 313-6300
    Fax: (601) 313-6151

  • VA Website:
  • Obtain available information regarding educational benefits.
    VA Toll-Free Number: 1.888.GI.BILL (1.888.442.4551)

Contact Information

Rhonda Emmons
Veterans Affairs Certifying Official
Work-Study Counselor
Terrell Tisdale Library
900 South Court Street
Ellisville, MS 39437
(601) 477-4033

Tasha Peters - SEAP and FTA Billing
Student Accounts Manager
Hutcheson-Hubbard Administration Building
900 South Court Street
Ellisville, MS 39437
(601) 477-4013

Rick Hamilton - POC FTA
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Terrell Tisdale Library
900 South Court Street
Ellisville, MS 39437
(601) 477-4189