Instructions For Graduation Application

The student is to complete the Application for Graduation and attached surveys during their final semester at Jones. These forms are available in the Records Office.

The name on the diploma will appear exactly as written (spelled) on the application, so please print legibly.

Please fill in the space for the address and telephone number completely to include: Street, PO Box and /or Apt. Number along with City, State and Zip Code. The address on the graduation application should be the same as the address on file in the Admissions Office. Please notify the Admissions Office if you have a change of address. Failure to change the address through the Admissions Office will delay the receipt of the diploma. Students should provide one or more telephone numbers where they can be reached after graduation.

If planning to walk, the student must fill in height and weight. If not, the student must write "will not walk."

***A letter will be mailed to the student approximately 3 weeks prior to the graduation ceremony instructing participating graduates on procedures for graduation.

PTK MEMBERS wanting the gold seal adhered to their diploma should follow the instructions given on the PTK Canvas course page in order to have their membership in good standing verified by a PTK advisor.

Graduation applications will not be accepted if filled out incorrectly.

AA APPLICANTS must complete both sides of the application. When filling out the backside of the application please put the number of credit hours for each class, not a check mark and do not put the grade received for that class. Classes used as electives should be listed separately. The student must initial the backside of the application to confirm they understand the requirements for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

TECHNICAL and VOCATIONAL APPLICANTS must have an advisor sign and date the application to verify the student is on track for graduation.

FALL GRADUATES: Students completing graduation requirements during the Fall Semester have the option of participating in the graduation ceremony held at the end of the Spring Semester. However the official transcript will reflect a December graduation date.