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Charles Pickering Honors Institute - Go Beyond


Big classes? Don't know the professor? Dry lectures?

Don't even think about it.

At the Charles Pickering Honors Institute, you will take part in an extraordinary educational adventure. Smaller classes of only 15 to 20 students are taught by experienced and engaging professors.

You are surrounded by classmates just like yourself, who want to be challenged and desire more than the typical college experience. Classes are created to take you beyond the ordinary lecture environment and immerse you into a global learning experience.

Have you ever met a four-star general or an internationally renowned economist? Have you ever talked business with a Fortune 500 CEO? Honors Institute students have the opportunity to actually sit down with these types of guest speakers and discuss issues that not only affect you at home but also have implications on a regional, national and international level.

And that's just the beginning.


The Honors Institute will take you beyond the borders of the ordinary and even the United States. In fact, a portion of your learning experience will take place in a global environment.

As a participant in the Honors Institute, you should plan on getting out of the classroom and beginning your global learning travels. Scholarship money for tuition and books is a given for an Honors Institute student. Money for international travel will be available each year as well.

Get ready to be stretched academically and taken on the adventure of a lifetime.


It is easy to blend into the crowd and be a follower.

It's not always easy to step to the front and lead.

As part of the Honors Institute, you will be challenged to grow into leadership positions on campus, in your community and in the world. True leadership begins with the qualities of character, integrity, honor, and service.

The Honors Institute will make sure that you understand that these qualities are more than just words. They are an integral part of your personal and educational growth.

These qualities are truly the keys to your success.

Experience The Possibilities