Housing FAQ's

What is provided in the room?
Basic furnishings (bed, dresser, closet, desk, and refrigerator) are provided in each room. Vending machines and laundry rooms are available to students in each residence hall. Each student is responsible for his/her own linens, pillows, and personal items.

What size sheets do I need?
Men's housing uses size twin long, while women's housing uses twin size.

Does my room have cable T.V.?
Yes, all rooms have a cable television hook-up.

Does my room have a phone?
No. You may request a phone line from the local phone company at your own expense.

Does my room have internet access?
Rooms in Campus Housing have internet access in each room. Students also have access to the Internet at the computer lab and the library on campus. Wireless access is also available at several locations around campus.
Students utilizing college or personal computers through the College's network are expected to abide by the College's Electronic Usage Policy.

Are window treatments provided?
Blinds are provided in each room. You may bring spring rods to add curtains.

Can I have a car on campus?
Students may have a car on campus. You must purchase a dorm-student decal for your car. Cars with dorm-student decals must be parked in the residence hall parking lots between the hours of 6:00am and 1:00 pm. After 1:00 pm, parking on campus is open.

What about meals?
Meal charges are included in the housing fees. Your JONES ONE CARD serves as your meal ticket. The cafeteria serves 3 meals per day M-F and 2 meals per day on the weekends.

Does my room have a refrigerator?
Refrigerators are provided in each room. You may bring your own microwave if the unit consumption is below 1.8 amps. Hotplates, toasters, etc. are not allowed in rooms due to fire hazards.

Where can I receive my mail?
A postal fee is included with housing, and you will be assigned a post office box at the student center.

Can I live on campus as a part-time student?
No. You must be registered in at least 12 hours to be eligible for campus housing. Nine of these hours must be traditional on-campus hours.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?
No. All animals are prohibited.

Can I smoke in the dorm?
No. Residence halls at JCJC are smoke-free.

How will I be charged if I move out of the dorm before the end of the semester?
Housing charges may be paid in three installments as set by the Business Office.
Students who pick up a key at the beginning of the semester sign a Housing Statement acknowledging that they are responsible for 100% of housing charges. A student who moves out of the dorm prior to the end of the semester will continue to be charged for housing and meals. The student's meal ticket will remain active as long as the account is paid on time.