Housing Information

Phone service is not provided by the college. Each student desiring service should contact BellSouth or another provider of their choice. These are listed in the front of any Laurel/Ellisville phone book.

Campus Housing rooms are wired for Internet service through the college network. Students utilizing personal computers through the college network are expected to abide by the College's Electronic Usage Policy.

The student must provide the computer with a Network Interface Card (NIC) and a category 5 (CAT5) patch cable. These may be purchased at many discount or computer stores, as well as online. The college does not specify or recommend a brand. Generally the NIC will cost between $35 and $70 depending on the brand and quality and the patch will cost a few dollars. (If your computer is relatively new, check it for a built-in NIC, as many new computers already have them.) Once the student arrives on campus, he/she should call the Helpdesk at 477-4160. Arrangements will be made for a technician to come and complete any setup that is needed. (Computers with XP or Windows 2000 may connect without a room visit by the staff.) Technicians can help troubleshoot Internet problems, but can not handle other software or hardware issues on the personal property of the student.