myJones Information

myJones, the portal environment for JCJC, offers enhanced personal productivity and personalized single sign-on access to a variety of college systems and information, including such Web services as PeopleSoft, Canvas, and Jones Gmail. Log into myJones to view, print, and manage your grades, enrollment, and college finances; receive and submit eLearning content; or communicate and collaborate with the JC community.  To log into your private, personal portal experience, go to and click on myJones

First Time Users

Your UserName and password are assigned within 3 business days after you complete the admissions application.

Your UserName begins with a “W” (UPPERCASE) plus your  seven-digit Jones ID number.
(Example: John Smith ID # 0100456 – User ID= W0100456)

Your initial password is the first two letters of your first name (UPPERCASE), first two letters of your last name (UPPERCASE), and the last four digits of your social security number.
(Example: John Smith 102-03-0456 - password  = JOSM0456)

The password is case-sensitive. (Check your Caps Lock key)

myJones Password Assistance

  Login privilege will be suspended for 15 mins after three unsuccessful login attempts with the wrong password. 


Q: What is the difference in myJones and the JCPortal?
A: The JCPortal provided access to only PeopleSoft.  The myJones web portal provides a single-sign-on gateway to all Jones web-based systems and services for students, faculty, and staff.

Q: How do I login to myJones?
A: There are two ways to login to myJones. On the main JCJC webpage (, click the myJones link in the upper right portion of the browser window or enter as the URL in your browser. Both of these methods will take you to the login window where you login with your UserID and Password.

myJones Help

If you need additional assistance from the college, contact the Information Technology (IT) Help Desk at (601) 477-4160.