Non-Traditional Student Association (NTSA)

The Non Traditional Student Association (NTSA) provides a strong foundation of support for nontraditional students.  It does so by providing resources for students as well as holding meetings and events. The NTSA sponsors fund raisers that provide scholarships to nontraditional students and help finance events and activities for nontraditional students throughout the year.

The NTSA presents students with the opportunity to come together and share ideas while building a network of support and friends, thereby ensuring success throughout their academic career. The mission of the association is to empower and encourage adult students to achieve their full intellectual potential via life learning experiences.

Annual membership dues are $10.00 for the entire school year which consists of fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Membership application forms and scholarship application forms are available at the Nontraditional Student Success Center.  To date, Nontraditional Student Association scholarships have totaled over $58,000.00.  Scholarship applications are awarded twice a year at the end fall and spring semesters.