Bobcat PrintsBobcat Prints

Print from anywhere, anytime, with the new JCJC Prints cloud solution.  

  • Bobcat Prints KioskFrom a JCJC computer:  Simply click Print and log into your WEPA account.  Your job is sent to the cloud.
  • From a personal computer, download the free print driver once.  Then click Print and log into your WEPA account.  Your job is sent to the cloud.  (internet connection required)
  • Or save your document to a flash drive and take it with you to a kiosk.

WEPA User name is your jcjc email account: (Example: 

WEPA Password is first two letters of your first name, first two letters of your last name, and last four digits of your Student ID.  (Example: John Doe/0123456 – jodo3456)

Ready to print?  Swipe your JC OneCard at any JCJC Prints kiosk.  Each student receives $2.50 free print credits each semester.  Additional sheets are  $.10 b/w and $.50 color.  Pay with Bobcat Bucks.

Kiosk Locations:

  • Allied Health
  • Anderson Hall
  • Home Health Building
  • J. B. Young Building
  • Jones Hall
  • Library
  • Student Success Center
  • Thomas Harris Science Building
How to use the WEPA Direct Print Option
Print from USB