JCJC OneCard on myJones

Log in to your myJones account and click the OneCard tab on the upper right.  There you can see your JC OneCard fund balances, view your transactions, and make online payments.

myJones Login Instructions:

Enter your Username
First letter of your first name, your last name, and last four digits of your Student ID. 
(Example: Jon Doe/0123456 – jdoe3456)

Enter your Password
Last four digits of your Social Security Number. 
(Example: 012345678 – 5678) 

If you have problems logging in, call JCJC IT Department at (601) 477-4160.

Internet Explorer Errors:
If you encounter an error when clicking the OneCard tab, please adjust your Cookie Settings.  Tools>Internet Options>Privacy.  Lower your cookie blocker to a setting of Low.  Apply.  This should allow you to access the tab.