How To Enroll

Admission to the AD Nursing program requires a separate application in addition to admission to the college. Selections to the Associate Degree Nursing Program are made based on a competitive selection process. Non-nursing courses may be taken prior to admission to the Nursing Program.

The student may apply to the program during the application periods regardless of how many courses have been taken. Nursing courses are limited to students who have been accepted into the program. Students should take the CORE requirements for the ADN program shown below before scheduling other, non-nursing electives.

Associate Degree Nursing Admission Application

Application for Associate Degree Nursing

Admissions Procedure
Selections for the Nursing Program are made by the Associate Degree Nursing Admissions Committee using a point system based upon objective data including cumulative GPA, core courses completed, ACT score, and entrance test score. The required science courses are given a higher point value than other core courses in the Associate Degree Nursing curriculum. A grade of C or better is required in all of the core courses. Candidates chosen for the fall and spring classes will be notified by letter.

All applicants are ranked according to the total points. In case of tie, the applicant with the highest combination of points from the GPA and ACT will be considered. If there is still a tie, the in-district applicant is given priority and further ties will be broken by a random drawing.

LPN To RN Application

This application is for LPN's that are seeking to advance to RN.

AP Employer Verification Form
ADV Placement Application

are set each year for entry into ADN for the upcoming semester.

March 1
is the Deadline for Fall entry into Jones ADN.

October 1
is the Deadline for Spring entry into Jones ADN.

Once the deadline dates pass, individuals will not be able to submit any information for program entry.