Business Division Courses

BAD 1113 – Introduction to Business
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of business. Students receive instruction regarding the current business and economic environment, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, financial management, and business careers. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 1213 Introduction International Business
Introduction to international business theory and practices. Emphasis is placed on terminology and the importance of understanding cultural differences. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2323 – Business Statistics
Prerequisite: MAT 1313. Introduction to statistical methods of collecting, presenting, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative data for business management and control. Topics include: central tendency and dispersion; probability; binomial, Poisson, and normal distributions; estimation and hypothesis testing. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2413 – Legal Environment of Business
An introduction to interrelationships of law and society, jurisprudence and business. Topics include an introduction to law, law of contracts, agency, and employment. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2533 – Computer Applications in Business and Industry
Prerequisite: keyboarding or typewriting skills. This course is an introduction to MS Office Suite software, which is the industry standard. This software includes the components of an information system: spreadsheets, presentation graphics, database management, and word processing. Data entry and retrieval records management, and electronic communication are skills taught in this course. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2713 – Principles of Real Estate
The course deals with the nature of the real estate market, types of ownership of property, contracts, methods of transferal of title, instruments used in transfers, title closing, financing, property management, insuring, and appraising. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2723 –Real Estate Law
Designed to give the student a general background in the law of real property and the law of real estate brokerage. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2733 –Real Estate Finance
A study of principles and methods of financing real estate, sources of funds, types and contents of financing instruments, and the role of various institutions, both private and governmental. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2763 –Property Management
This course deals with the nature of real property management. The major functions of property managers are covered including the legal, interpersonal, maintenance, accounting, and administrative functions. Specific practices and problems are covered. Three semester hours credit.

BAD 2813 – Administrative Communications
A study of effective principles and practices of written communications, emphasizing a managerial approach for business and the individual. BUSINESS AND OFFICE ADMINISTRATION

BOA 1413 – Keyboarding
This course will develop your basic keyboarding skills which will enable you to operate a microcomputer to input and retrieve information. Students who have not had high school typewriting or keyboarding should enroll in this course. Three semester hours credit.

BOA 2413 – Secretarial Practice
Prerequisite: BOA 2533. Course designed to present essential duties and special techniques for a secretarial career at the highest professional level; to acquaint the student with the modern office systems and practices. Three semester hours credit.

BOA 2533 – Word Processing I
Prerequisite: BOA 1411 or high school typewriting/keyboarding. This course studies the development of today's modern office through the use of automated equipment and trained personnel. Emphasis is placed on the organizations of word processing from input through distribution, equipment available, and role of participants in word processing systems. Three semester hours credit.

BOA 2553 – Desktop Publishing
Prerequisite: BOA 2533 or equivalent. This course covers the writing, assembling, and design of publications in a business or editorial office by the use of microcomputers. The course includes an introduction to traditional publishing terminology, completion of training software, and the production of various business documents and publications. Three semester hours credit.

BOA 2613 – Business Communication
Study and practice in writing different types of business letters and reports, with emphasis on correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity of communication. Three semester hours credit.

BOA 2713 – Spreadsheet Applications
Prerequisite: CSC 1113 or BAD 2533. Intermediate through advanced electronic spreadsheet application techniques using the most current software available. Includes advanced features; graphing, consolidating worksheets, analyzing data, using external databases, performing spreadsheet "what-if" analysis, customizing toolbars and menus, using and creating templates, etc. Three semester hours credit.

CSC 1113 – Computer Concepts

Prerequisite: Typing or keyboarding skills. A computer competency course which introduces concepts, terminology, operating systems, electronic communications, and applications. Concepts are demonstrated and supplemented by hands-on computer use. Three semester hours credit-lecture/lab.

CSC 1123 – Computer Applications I
Prerequisite: CSC 1113 or BAD 2533. This course is designed to teach computer applications to include: word-processing, electronic spreadsheet, database management, presentation design, and electronic communications with integration of these applications. Three semester hours credit-lecture/lab.

CSC 1213 – Visual Basic Computer Programming I
Pre/Co requisite MAT 1313. This course is designed to introduce the writing of event-driven programs using the VISUAL BASIC computer programming language with emphasis on problem solving, documentation, program statements, algorithms, and common routines. Three semester hours credit. Course has lecture and lab components.

CSC 1613 – Computer Programming I
Prerequisite: CSC 1113. Introduction to problem-solving methods and algorithm development which emphasizes the imperative first approach; designing, debugging, looping, scope rules, functions, and a variety of applications in an object-oriented programming language. Three semester hours credit. Course has lecture and lab components.

CSC 2134 – Programming I with "C++"
Pre/Co requisite: MAT 1313 or previous programming experience or permission of instructor. An introduction to problem solving methods, algorithm development, designing,debugging, and documentation in C++ language with a variety of applications including: I/O statements, arithmetic, logical, conditional, looping, methods/functions, and array processing. (3 hour lecture and a required lab component). Three semester hours credit.

ECO 2113 – Principles of Macroeconomics

The study of a nation's economy to include the following topics: supply and demand, production possibilities, monetary and fiscal policies, factors of productions, GDP/ business cycles and economic growth, circular flow of market economies and international trade. Three semester hours credit.

ECO 2123 – Principles of Microeconomics
The study of firms, industries, and consumers to include the following topics: supply and demand, elasticity of demand and supply, consumer choice theory, production and cost theory and market structures. Three semester hours credit.