Fine Arts Division

Art (University Parallel)

Art Education, Art History, and Art for Studio Majors
The courses offered in art provide a foundation for visual arts majors who plan to transfer after two years to a senior college or university. The curriculum includes courses leading to the Associate in Arts degree with emphasis in the visual arts and additional courses that offer cultural growth to those living within the college area. The courses are designed to encourage participation of nonart majors. All art majors must take the foundation courses Design I and II and Drawing I and II during their freshman year, as they are prerequisites to all other visual art courses.

Art majors must take freshmen level courses in sequence in order to receive proper transfer credit. Scholarships are available to freshmen and returning students, are usually awarded based on the quality of the student's portfolio and are decided on an individual basis. Transfer credits to fouryear institutions can be based on the quality of student work; therefore, all art majors are required to participate in juries (portfolio review) at the end of each semester. Juries are necessary for art faculty to ensure progress and to advise in the preparation of portfolios.

Art (University Parallel) Curriculum: