Music (University Parallel)

Music Education/Performance

The music department offers university-parallel courses leading to the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Education degrees with the following majors: performance, music education, church music, music therapy, or music industry. Students must select an emphasis of guitar, organ, piano, vocal music or instrumental music. Music courses are designed to parallel courses in the music areas of the freshmen and sophomore years of any senior college or university and fully prepare students to enter their junior year of study.

Freshmen and transfer students must take a placement examination in music theory, and must audition in their applied music major. Based upon the results of the placement examination, students will be placed in either Music Theory I or Fundamentals. Upon successful completion of Fundamentals, the student will be allowed to enroll in the required theory sequence beginning with Theory I. The student’s applied instructor will determine placement based upon the student’s prior study, technical facility, and knowledge of precollege-level literature. The student may be required to repeat an applied level, or study at a non-major level until sufficient progress has been made to meet minimum requirements for specified learning outcomes.

Music majors are required to enroll in MUS 1911, MUS 1921, MUS 2911, and MUS 2921, participate in a major performance ensemble (band or choir), study piano (class or applied) and take lessons in the major applied area every semester in attendance at Jones County Junior College. Instrumental and Vocal Education majors must take piano as their minor applied music. Piano majors may take either voice or an instrument as the minor applied, but voice is recommended.

Non-music majors are provided the opportunity to pursue an interest in music through individual and group performances, music courses, and private instruction (see laboratory fees). Students seeking admission to performing groups (band, choir, show choir, theater, etc) must audition for membership. Performing groups are open to non-music majors as well as to music majors; service award scholarships are available for qualified participants in band, choir, and theater. Auditions are held throughout the year

Practice room facilities are provided for those enrolled in applied music courses. All students enrolled in applied lessons are required to maintain daily practice periods

Music majors enrolled in applied lessons must perform a jury for all applied faculty. Students who do not perform a jury will receive the grade of “I” or “F. The student may perform a sophomore recital in lieu of the jury requirement for one semester. The recital may only substitute for the jury one time.

Music Education Curriculum

Music Education / Performance and Liberal Arts Core
Music Education Instrumental
Music Education Keyboard
Music Education Vocal
Music Education Guitar

Recitals, a major performing group (band or choir), piano, and major applied study are required
of all music majors every semester in attendance at JCJC. Students should consult the catalog of
the senior institution for specific admissions procedures and other details concerning the program of
study. Music Literature must be taken during the spring semester of the freshmen year, and Music
Survey must be taken during the spring semester of the sophomore year.