Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Jones County Junior College is the executive body of the Student Association (all students) and serves as a coordinating agent for other organizations and clubs on campus.

The students of JCJC are afforded the opportunity of participation in the institutional decision making process via the SGA, which serves as an effective and responsible link between the student body and the school administration.

SGA Officers meet weekly with the Vice President of Student Affairs. Officers also serve on various faculty committees for the College. Recommendations proposed by the Student Government Association are forwarded by the officers to the Vice President of Student Affairs for consideration. The VP of Student Affairs then forwards the recommendations to the President of the College for his decision.

The Student Body elects the SGA Student Body President, SGA Vice-President, and SGA Secretary/Treasurer each spring for the following school year. During the fall, the Sophomore Class President and the Freshmen Class President are elected by their respective classes to serve for the school year. Also elected in the fall semester are the Senators at Large, and Senate Representatives for each dorm. Each academic division will recommend a student to be their Senate Representative for the school year.

SGA Officers appoint chairpersons to various committees at the beginning of the fall semester. These chairpersons oversee the activities of the individual SGA Committees on campus.

Student body members are given the opportunity to join the SGA during the Club Membership Drive held at the beginning of each fall semester.

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SGA President SGA President
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SGA Vice President Vice-President
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SGA President Secretary/Treasurer
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Sophomore Class President Sophomore Class President
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