Student Success Center - Career Center

College life is full of choices, but they all should ultimately lead to graduation and prepare you for your next chapter in life. The SSC offers career counseling services to students looking for career answers and life after Jones.

Can't Decide On A Major?

One of the first things you will have to do after you decide to attend college is to figure out what kind of job or career that you want to pursue. The Student Success Center wants to help you in making that important decision.

There are several ways to research information about majors and careers. Some of these you can do from your own computer and others you will need to go to the SSC to complete.

RIASEC Inventory
People find more satisfaction with work that matches their interests. One way to match your interest with a career is through an interest inventory. The RIASEC Inventory quickly matches your interests to careers. It asks whether you like or dislike various activities related to six interest areas or "career clusters": Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

It then helps you use your scores to identify occupations that will interest you most. It is not a test and doesn't have right or wrong answers. Go to the SSC Transfer Services Office to fill out the inventory and be on your way to the right career for you.

CAREERS Internet Database
The Institute For Career Research has been providing the most reliable vocational guidance information for many generations of young people and is considered the most authoritative source by thousands of teachers, librarians, and counselors. They regularly issue new comprehensive reports of promising career fields for the 21st Century based on the most up-to-date information from a nationwide research network.

This program is especially helpful to people who face the prospect of choosing a life work in these challenging times of new technology and for those who need guidance when changing jobs (the average professional will change jobs ten times and careers three times in a lifetime). Many people today don't know what they want to do - even what there is to do.

What are the choices available which can utilize special skills, experience, education, and aptitude? This is essential information today! Learn more about Careers Internet.

Choices will empower you to build a meaningful plan for a more fulfilling career transition as you compare, connect and choose from a vast network of work and education options, that are effectively integrated with O*NET data, the 16 Career Clusters, Pathways and the U.S. Department of Labor SCANS.

Personalized planning becomes more effective with self-directed Guideways that suggest next steps based on what you have started or completed. Validated assessments enhance self-awareness helping you make more informed decisions, while tools for resume writing, interview practice and job search activities help you prepare for your next career transition. All work and plans are automatically saved in Your Portfolio.

Learn more Bridges the Student Success Company and then click on the "Create a new portfolio" link. If you have any problems with this, please go to the Career Center in the Student Success Center.