Transfer Services

The Student Success Center is the first place to look for answers when you have a question about transferring to a senior college. 

We know that there are a lot of challenges that you face including:

• Knowledge of different majors available
• Course equivalencies
• Academic advising
• Financial aid
• Transfer scholarships

You also need to know how to choose a college and you should visit as many colleges as possible before you make your final decision. 

When you come to the Student Success Center, you will find materials from all Mississippi colleges and universities and will be able to sit down with the transfer counselor to discuss any transfer issues you may have.  You can even travel to the Mississippi college of your choice to visit the campus and talk with advisors. 

Use these links to learn more about the SSC Transfer Services at Jones:

Transfer 101 Mississippi Colleges & Universities College Visits

Student Success Center Mission: The student success center will work with students to help define, clarify, and achieve academic, personal, and professional goals.