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College Transfer

Applying for admission to Jones is easy! Use these steps as a guide to becoming a student at Jones. Students who wish to attend Jones after attending another accredited college must meet the same general requirements as entering freshmen.

Step Number 1


Submit a Completed Admissions Application to Jones
Future students can (1) Apply Online, (2) Download an admissions application, or (3) submit the completed application from the Admissions packet available on campus.

Mail completed Admissions Applications to:
Jones County Junior College Admissions Office
900 South Court Street
Ellisville, MS 39437

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Step Number 2


File you FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is also known as Pell Grant online at as soon as possible after October 1. The priority deadline for FAFSA is April 1 for the upcoming school year. FAFSA forms and worksheets are available at JONES or by contacting your high school counselor. Include JONES' code – 002411.

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Step Number 3


Request an offical copy of the final transcript from any previous college(s) attended be sent to the Jones admissions office at the address above. NOTE: Applicants must be eligible to return in good standing to the college last attended. Applicants who have been suspended from another institution must meet with the Jones Junior College Admissions Committee. Credit earned from a non-regionally accredited institution will not be accepted.

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Step Number 4

Transfer & Previous Jones Students – Early Registration

The Student Success Center (SSC) will offer early registration for classes to students who have been enrolled in the past, transfer students, students wishing to enroll in evening classes only, students wishing to enroll in online classes only, and students wishing to enroll part- time. Advisement Specialists are available to make class schedules with students. To schedule an appointment, contact the Office of Recruitment at 601-477-4116.

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Step Number 5


Information for Scholarships, Campus Housing, and Meal Plan options is available online.

Scholarship Information
Campus Housing

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Step Number 6


The Student Success Center at Jones offers support services to all students including career counseling, academic advising, tutoring, and success workshops. (601) 477-4257