Work Based Learning Industry

As an employer of the Work-Based Learning/Co-op Program, we consider you to be a valuable part of a student's educational experience. We look forward to working with you and we hope that your experience with this program will be positive. The information you need as a participating employer with JCJC will follow:

The Work-Based Learning/Co-op office staff can assist you with establishing and coordinating your work experience program. If you have questions, concerns, or human resource needs, please contact us at (601) 477-4234. To help us in our endeavor we ask that you:

Work students for the entire work term unless circumstances make continuation of employment impossible and

Refrain from offering full employment to students until degree requirements are met.

If this is your first time to participate in our program, our office will need you to fill out a Job Order with a job description. This enables the coordinators to market the position and identify students who meet your qualifications. Once our office is notified of a position, we will post the announcement on our Web site and notify appropriate faculty who can assist us with the recruitment of students.


We recommend the following:

  • Place a student in a position specifically designed for work-based learning/Co-op, with an increasing level of responsibility.
  • Require the student to be registered for the WBL/Co-op program. Benefits to the student include recognition of the work experience on the official transcript, which will enhance their GPA.
  • Counsel with students regarding their work habits so that obvious problems may be prevented. Please contact the coordinator before any action is taken.

Business/Industry Benefits

  • Provide industry with a source of skilled employees to maintain or enhance their competitiveness in a global market.
  • Gain a direct chance to recruit and screen potential employees.
  • Evaluate potential employees in work settings prior to hiring.
  • Develop a quick, reliable source of skilled, educated workers.
  • Reduce turnover of entry-level employees.

Business/Industry Responsibilities

  • Provide structured, paid on-the-job training for students - real pay for real work (15-20 hrs./wk.).
  • Provide on-site instruction through a skilled worksite supervisor.
  • Ensure integration of academic, technical, and work-based learning co-op.
  • Evaluate and report student performance.
  • Pay students entry level wages or higher.


The employer, student, advisor/instructor, and WBL/Co-op coordinator work together to agree on one of the work schedules outlined below:

Parallel – The student works at least 15-20 hours per week and attends classes.
Alternating – The student works full-time for one semester, returns to school for a semester, and then works another semester.