Work Based Learning Students

Would you like to earn while you learn?

You can EARN:

  • academic credit for your work experience
  • a salary to help cover college expenses
  • a reference for future employment

HOW? Through WBL. It is a great way for you to gain work experience while going to school, earn money to help cover college expenses, and earn college credit. Combining practical work experience with education is a real bonus when you begin seeking a full-time job.

Getting Started

Student Benefits

  • Gain work experience directly related to an occupational/academic skill area or career pathway.
  • Receive college credit for work experience which will be recorded on transcript.
  • Earn income while learning from skilled professionals.
  • Hours can be used to meet full-time enrollment requirements.
  • The WBL/Co-op grade provides the opportunity to increase and improve the GPA.
  • Receive quality academic and occupational preparation.
  • Test potential careers in the marketplace.
  • Enter the workforce directly with an employable skill or continue post-secondary education.
  • Develop potential contacts to broaden employment options.
  • Increase earning potential after graduation. According to research, a student who participates in a work-based learning/co-op program tends to start at a higher salary than a colleague who did not participate.
    Student Responsibilities

Sign a Business/Industry Education/Training Agreement.

  • Successfully complete interview with employer and meet all work requirements.
  • Remain in good standing in school and on the job.
  • Conform to work/training schedule.
  • Participate in regular progress reviews.
  • Complete requirements for community/junior college degree.

Eligibility for Work-Based Learning

WBL Procedures