Jones College June 12, 2020, Drive-Thru Graduation Canceled

Graduation 2020

The Jones College Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony scheduled for June 12, 2020, has been canceled due to the increasing threat of COVID-19 in the Jones County area. Jones County ​transitioned into one of Mississippi’s hotspots ​over the last month with the latest state-reported statistics listing Jones County with 701 positive COVID-19 cases and 33 deaths (reported June 4, 2020).

Dr. Thomas Dobbs, head of the Mississippi State Department of Health, advised on a call with Jones College Administration Thursday evening that “continuing with plans to host a graduation event on the Ellisville campus is not a good idea. With the high rate of community spread in Jones County an event like graduation presents a real public health threat.”

We are saddened that we are not going to be able to celebrate with our students, said Jones College President,Dr. Jesse Smith. “Graduation is a time to celebrate the hard work and commitment of the graduating class. But unfortunately in our current public health situation, we must err on the side of caution to ensure the safety of our students. I look forward to the day that we will once again celebrate together, but until that time we will do our best to honor our students through an alternate form of recognition.”

Jones College will host a virtual graduation event for 2020 graduates on Friday, June 19, 2020. Additional details on the virtual graduation event will be shared as available through the Jones College website,

Jones College Confirmed COVID-19 Case


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1111111111琼斯学院(Jones College)的一名非教育性员工已被确认为2020年6月3日(星期三)对COVID-19呈阳性,目前正处于家庭隔离状态。该个人在2020年5月26日星期二至2020年5月28日星期四在校园内,然后进行COVID-19测试或肯定确认。进行了接触者追踪,大学为受影响的设施提供了卫生设施,并且该人正在接受适当的医疗。



Stop The Bleed Campaign Presented to Faculty, Staff and Students

Dr. Duncan Donald, chief of Trauma Services with Forrest General Hospital, and the Trauma Service Team were on the JC campus to deliver the Stop The  Bleed Campaign to faculty, staff and students on Monday, February 25, 2019. This is an informative presentation for medical and non-medical personnel to provide education on how to help an injured victim that is bleeding.  The training includes how to pack a wound and how to use a tourniquet effectively to safe a live and/or limb or someone who has sustained a traumatic injury.

Jones College faculty, students and staff heard a presentation by Dr. Donald and participated in a hands on demonstration of wound packing and tourniquet use.  Two hundred and thirty eight participants from AD Nursing, Radiography, LPN, HCA, Physical Plant, Welding, Housekeeping, Campus Police, SGA, Housing, and Enrollment Services participated.

Thank you to Dr. Donald and his Trauma Services Team for a great, informative presentation!

Cathy Northington, Mississippi Economic Council  COO speaks at Jones College’s Black History Program

Jones College’s Office of Student Affairs will be hosting its annual Black History Leadership program on Tuesday, February 12, at 10 a.m. in the JC Fine Arts Auditorium.  The public is invited to attend this free event to hear featured guest speaker and COO of the Mississippi Economic Council, Cathy Northington. She will speak on this year’s event theme, “Leading to Make a Difference.”

“I believe Cathy is a perfect example of taking challenges and adversity in life and turning them into something positive. Everyone needs to be reminded of the gifts, skills and talents that they’ve been blessed with and to use them to help others around them. Leaders like Cathy are definitely making a difference in our communities and I thought that her story and experience would be a great reminder for our campus community,” said coordinator of the event and Jones College’s assistant to the president for corporate training, Dr. Samuel Jones.

Before being named the Chief Operating Officer for the state’s largest broad-based business organization, Northington served the MEC as Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. She began at the MEC more than fifteen years ago as a part-time employee and has continued to work her way up by managing a variety of key projects and programs. Since 2007, she has directed the nations’ second-oldest leadership program, Leadership Mississippi. Northington and her team also manage the MEC’s three major meetings: The MEC Annual Meeting, the MEC Hobnob Mississippi and the MEC Capital Day, which hosts more than 1,500 business and community leaders, and elected officials.

The Jackson native studied marketing at Mississippi College and is a graduate of the Institute for Organization Management, an intensive four-year nonprofit leadership training program conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the University of Georgia. Northington also enjoys giving back to the community through her volunteer work as a member of the Junior League of Jackson, United Way of the Capital Area and American Heart Association’s Circle of Red. A mother of three, Northington is also a member of the Madison Ridgeland Rotary Club and a board member of the R.E.A.L. Christian Foundation.

Some of the honors Northington has received include being chosen as the Our Mississippi Magazine 2018’s Business Women of the Year, the Women’s Fund 2018 Business Woman of the Year, the 2017 Young Gifted and Empowered Leader of the Year, Savvy Magazine’s 2016 Leader of the Year, a 2012 recipient of the Mississippi Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 award, and she was a member of the Mississippi Business Journal’s 50 Leading Business Women in Mississippi for 2014.

Jones College Fall 2018 Honor Roll

Jones County Junior College has announced the 2018 fall semester honor roll scholars.  Full-Time students with 15 hours or more and who maintain the following grade-point averages will make the honor roll: President’s List–4.0; Dean’s List–3.99-3.5: Faculty List–3.49-3.0.



London, England: Lucy Critchell.

Terrassa-Barcelona, Spain: Ariadna Jordan Marcos and Terrassa Mireia Jordan  Marcos.

Jackson, AL: Andrew Jerald Vick.

Jasper, AL: Dakota Cru Birdyshaw.

Jefferson, AL:  Rachel Grace Perkins.

Amite Gloster: Troy Steven Leiva.

Clarke Enterprise: Colton Lee Whitaker.

Clarke Quitman: Tyrikus Germaine Hayes.

Clarke Shubuta: Miracle Ziyer Smith.

Covington Collins: Elizabeth Brooke Bernard, Falon Heather Boler, Conner Lee Henderson, Andrea Mechelle  Routon and William Casey Wade.

Covington Ellisville: Ashley  Breann Welch.

Covington Mount Olive: Lakelan Jewel Flynt and Marie Venice Matbagon.

Covington Seminary: Chertricia Cormelia Alvarez, Briana Jannette Ellis, Lillian Lee Pierce, Haley Alexis Pitts  , Ariel Danielle Rawls and Josie Caitlin Robertson.

Covington Sumrall: Mary Kate Holland.

Forrest Hattiesburg: Keighly Brianna Beall, Dania Yariela Cervantes Linares, Kelcie Marie Crane, Hayleigh Rose  Helton, Timothy Edward Jackson, Lakeisha Lynett Johnson, Tamera Monique King, Madison Brooke Layton, Chree Mychell Lott, Da’Vondra La’Nik Lynch, Ervin L McCoy, Kelly Renee Odom, Anna Brice Taylor, LaNina Terese Walkup and Nicholas Rook Welch.

Forrest Petal: Kimberly Annette Barger, Connor Stephen Bowman, Nicole Elizabeth Cooley, James M Denning, Matthew Acie Dodd, Lisa Carol Foster, Sydney Alyn Hall, Donavan Blake Hinton, Jade Leighanne Mitchell, Jerrod Samuel Ratcliff, Steven Thomas Sly, Sarah Elizabeth Suttle, Bailey Ryan Thompson, Jordan Leigh Trimm, Katelyn Eshy Ware and Heather Renee Williams.

Greene Leakesville: Kenneth Joshua Anderson and Brent Taylor Dearman.

Greene McLain: LeeAnna Marie Dunnam.

Greene Neely: Lyle Joseph Ledet.

Greene Richton: Chloe Anesha Rylee.

Harrison Biloxi: Richard Logan Pippen.

Harrison Gulfport: Haley Noelle Kim and Gabriel  Don Lacy.

Harrison Long Beach: Ginger Theresa Wentz.

Harrison Pass Christian: Mary Helen Sherman.

Jackson Vancleave: Emily Kathryn Sanders.

Jasper Bay Springs: Guy Anthony Ainsworth, Tana Victoria James, Jazmin MiCa King, Jada Marissa King, Sydney Grace Leavitt, Brooklyn Denise Odom and Rustin Kyle Smith.

Jasper Heidelberg: Elenora Jackson.

Jasper Laurel: Brennen Clark Green.

Jasper Stringer: Griffin Davis Cheatham and Michael Gregory Hester.

Jefferson Davis Prentiss: Josie Janelle Cox, Rommie Lee Daniels, Patricia Alexis Daughdrill and Ean Nathaniel  Pincus.

Jones Ellisville: Kennedy Leigh Anderson, Heidi Christine Boot, Laura Ann Brown, Tony Marshall Buster, Jordan Nicole  Butler,  Hollie Noel Clark, Darby Katelynn Cooley, Aimee Louise Durn, Katharine LaTrece Evans, Christen Nicole Ford, Bethany Ann Hayes, Jeanna Lyne Johnson, Kayla Lourel King, Emily Noel Knotts, Emily Ann Leggett, Danielle      Faith Nichols, Carissa Morgan Rainey, Steven Michael Sasser, John Ryne Sasser, Gavin Christopher Shows, Beverly Jill Smith, Jeshaiah Ajee Stephens and Joseph Bryson Sumrall.

Jones Hattiesburg: London Alysse Guthrie.

Jones Heidelberg: Laken June Windham.

Jones Laurel: Clara Margaret Bankson, Jaden Leighanne Bassett, Sarah Rachel Beasley, Ina Lynn Beech, Julia Catherine Berry, Benjamin Lance Bohannon, Annabelle Grace Bryant, Jeremy Bryce Bynum, Allison Mariah Byrd, Kassidy Ann Chandler, Madison Blakely Chatham, Kinsey Danae Chisholm, Kelly Nicole Craft, Laken Brianna Daniels, Araceli Marie  Figueroa, Alisha Jennet Graham, Melissa Camille Hankins, William Andrew Harrelson, Slater Tobias Herd, Dixie Lei Hodges, Christopher Zachary Holifield, Elisabeth Marie Jolly, Willie Roy Loftin, Stephen Paul Martin, Jonathan Thomas Mercer, Jacob Nolan Morgan, Amy Diane Patrick, Katelynn McKenzie Perry, Jodie Michelle Pierce, Taylor Victoria Pippin, Joseph Blake Pryor, Julia Mary Ann Rayner, Brianna Noelle Read, Gwendolyn LaTrese Rowzee, Joshua Thomas Rushton, Scarlett Victoria Sandifer, James Hunter Sims, Bria Zhane’ Sims, Lauren Elise   Stevens, Ashley Breann Sumrall, Nathan Jackson Taylor, Reagan Hope Todd, Shelby Laken Welborn, Natalie Ann Welch, Christina Dawn Welch and Devon Scott Wolff.

Jones Moselle: Keith William Carter, Breanna Kaitlyn Karoly and Shannon Lindsay Murrell.

Jones Ovett: Elijah Henry Adams, Rickey Lynn Cole, James Coleman McLain, Julia Cherish McNeill and Colton Thomas Warden.

Jones Richton: Paige Renee Myrick.

Jones Soso: Layla Gabrielle Blackledge, Emily Renea Busby, Sarrah Anne Der-Ballout, Faith Nicole Gavin,  Mason Harmon Holifield, River Cade Howell, Chelsea Laurel Musgrove and Caleb Gerald Walters.

Lamar Hattiesburg: Lakelyn Lee Bohannon, Anthony Ryan Caraway, Ethan G Cummins, Shivum Kumar Desai,  Breanna A Helms, Rebecca Joyce Lampshire, Hannah Victoria LeBlanc, Grace-Marie Antoinette Lindsey, Trey Douglas Lott, Caedon Byron Malone, Charlotte Faye Miller, Christy Marshae Pheal, Jess Christopher Robbins, Emilie McKenzie Stansell and Sheldyn Ashley Turner.

Lamar  Purvis:  Tiffany Brook Chambliss, Shaina Brooke Culpepper, Brinkley Danielle Davis, Otoniel  Duran Hernandez, Bobbi Danielle Gamble,   Jessica Heather Jones, Eartha Marie McGowan and Kelsey Ann Watts.

Lamar Sumrall: Kaleb David Michael Ashmore, Meghan Brooke Aultman, Anthony Blake Blackwell, Anna V Broome, Christopher Owen Cote, Clinton John Davis, William Robert Lamunyon, Jason Wayne Sorrell and Kimberly Ann Squires.

Lauderdale Meridian: Cierra Latanja Carter, Erica Leigh Gaddie and William Easton Rainer.

Lawrence Monticello: Ashley Marie Smith.

Lincoln Brookhaven: Ellie Grace Currie.

Lowndes Caledonia: Madison Grace McCleskey.

Lowndes Columbus: Heather Michelle Gilkey.

Madison Madison: Robert Sewell Woody.

Marion Columbia: Madelyn Avery Ham, Anquinet Monsha Pittman, Sierra Layne Riels, William Alfred Russell and Jonathan   Robert Turnage.

Marion Foxworth: Aaron Daniel Thomas.

Perry Petal: Reagan Bryanna Verret.

Perry Richton: Anne-Marie  Elizabeth Graham, Sierra Ashtin Hallman, Stephanie Marie Harvey, Shelby Ann McCardle, Alexandria Danielle Nowell, Mollie Ann Smith and Maggie Elizabeth Smith.

Pike Osyka: Dedriona Z Lee.

Pike Summit: Teri’Neka Tahijana Gibbs.

Rankin Brandon: William Mitchell  Lenington and James Thomas McWilliams.

Rankin Florence: Katie Rose McRaney.

Rankin Pearl: Allison Paige Vanderford.

Rankin Richland: Skylar Alexis Andrews, Pamela Brooke Hosey, Layne Ashton Rankin and Norma Baylee  Walter.

Scott Forest: Keeley Brooke Gardner.

Simpson Magee: Grant Gerald Garner.

Simpson Mendenhall: Alexi Amanda Shows and Kaitlyn Bree Speed.

Smith Mize: Trevor Hunt Amason, Haleigh Marie Anderson and Chynna Thornton Turnage.

Smith Mount Olive: Katelyn Mackenzie Chain Venie Kaye Hand.

Smith  Raleigh: Sarah Katherine Mason, Aiden Brianne Rayner, Samuel Onyx Sanderford, Jennifer Leigh Scott,  Savannah Grace Walters.

Smith Taylorsville: Caitlin Alane West.

Walthall Tylertown: Py’Necious Rashida Cowart, Harrison Tanner Hartzog and Rebecca Ann Henning.

Warren Vicksburg: Frederick Dewayne Barnum.

Wayne Buckatunna: Michelle L Smith.

Wayne Stateline: Timothy Lamar Higgins.

Wayne Waynesboro: Layne Marie Boykin, Brenna Autumn Chain, Claire Elizabeth Gordon, Hannah Alexis Jordan, Tyriona Donyae McGrew, Abigail Faith Powell, Makenzie  Nicole Riley and Reagan Paige Skinner.


W. Yorks, U.K.: Lucas Jordan Middleton.

Rubi-Barcelona, Spain: Jordi Martin Morey.

Huntsville, AL: Christopher  Ryan Mendoza.

Silas, AL: Alex Dion  Lockhart.

St. Robert, AL: Courtney Taylor DuBose.

Bolivar Cleveland: Melissa Ann Taylor and Kashareya Tashay Funches.

Clarke Enterprise: Alvis Dayton Jones, Jonathan Matthew Killian, Starlin LeShae Miller and James Cody Vick.

Clarke Pachuta: Bailey Samantha Morris.

Clarke Quitman: William Kameron  Ware.

Clarke Shubuta: Ka’Lisha Charnette Carter and Shandayshea S Price.

Clarke Stonewall: Jared Kirk Barksdale and Nathaniel Gregory Smith.

Copiah Wesson: Erich Higdon Fischer.

Covington Collins: Brooklyn Hope Ainsworth, Cody Allen Blackburn, Amelia Grace Buckley, Halle Alexis Leggett, Jacob Ray Odom, Jamea Marshay Price, Anna Kathryn Saucier and Zakyia Ja’loise Weathersby.

Covington Mt. Olive: Nadia  Janice  Mangrum and Terence J Rivere.

Covington Seminary: Lauryn Elizabeth Bohn, Lydia Margaret Deaton, Laken Noel Pickering and Heather L Sorto.

Covington Sumrall: Brittanie Nichole Lawrence.

Covington Taylorsville: Dean Morrison Menzik.

Forrest Brooklyn: Evan Autrey Terry.

Forrest Hattiesburg: Ella Sophia Barker, Hailey Madison Champion, Isaiah Samuel Clark, Katie Lynn Denny, Kenny Benard Floyd, Nicholas Michael Fokakis, Thomas Samuel Henderson, Candace Nicole Kendrick, Brady Alexander Kersh, Brandon William Kneipp,  Marlena Rochelle McCray, Madason  Lashae McCullum, Deloris Denise McLain, Jared Benton McRaney, Tolanda Lorell Miers, Amber Nicole Moore, Matthew Blake Mordica, Mary Margaret Parker, Danny Earl Robertson, Nikenya Latrica Stewart, Nathan Lee Terry, Rashaune Marcel Walters and Briante’ Darnette  White.

Forrest Petal: Chadwick Seamus Benes, Madison Nicole Bolling, Amber Ivana Boutwell, Kaitlyn Christine Craig, Corey Lamar Davis, Loren Christopher Gibson, Nicholas Lane Gibson, William Don Gowen, Taylor Ashton Graves, Anna Catherine Hampton, Brian Keith Leggett, Taylor Michelle Magee, Charles Anthony Marlowe, Andreona Rachelle McLaurin, Eden Brooke Murphy, Kristi Michelle Nobles, Zachary Kyle Parks, Haleigh Diana Rainey, Bethany Taylor Richardson, Alan Isaac Salazar, Richard Lawrence Sheller, Kaylie Michelle Shepherd, Tyler Jason Shoemake, Marlinda Gail Skaggs, Kassidy Morgan Stevens, Kelli Maegan Stevens, Leah Grace Tharp, Ashley Robinetta Travis, Haughey Donald Wallace, Ryan Shane Weekley and Dallas Christopher Wheat.

Forrest Seminary: Ian Christopher Calhoun .

Franklin Roxie: Steven Lewis Farrell and Brant Kelton Mullins.

George Lucedale: Sydney Layne Goff, Lauryn Elizabeth Jemison, Amberly Christine Ray and Olivia Carol Simpson.

Greene Leakesville: Hunter Kyle Garretson, David Wendell Helton, Christopher Alexander McLain, Shay Danielle  Strickland and Jared Woullard.

Greene Lucedale: Rylee Mckay Pierce.

Greene McLain: Jerome V Moody, Jordan Diane Roberts and Braxton Jaleel Walker.

Greene Richton: Taylor Franklin Anderson, Teresa Louise Grantham, Jenna Daryn Hillman, Hallie Morgan Meadows, Micah DonAnne Meadows, Leoma Carnelius Stallworth and Byron Christopher Walley.

Greene State Line: Kevin Terrell Leverette.

Hancock Bay St. Louis: John David Rutherford.

Harrison Biloxi: Zakiah Khaleel Almatrood, Brodie Wayne King and Alyssa Kaylee Webb.

Harrison Gulfport: Da’Mia Jordan Henry.

Harrison Long Beach: Alexis Shea Wilson.

Hinds  Jackson: Leslie Leah Claypool, Keira Lamonshay King, Adrian Alberto Mondragon and Danielle Shirley Viljoen.

Holmes Tchula: Destiny A Haymer.

Jackson Ocean Springs: Gabryele Alizabeth  Battise.

Jackson Vancleave: Kateland Elizabeth Nabors.

Jasper Bay Springs: Tate Hurston James, Wilma Charnette Moore, Wyatt Abram Strite and Shamarlas  Tavion Trotter.

Jasper Heidelberg: Madeline Jeanette Collins, Hope Anetta Wheaton and Keyasha Ajoi McDonald.

Jasper Laurel: Baylee Nicole Arender and Shelby Dianne Murray.

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Jefferson Davis Oak Vale: Micheal Edward Goddard.

Jefferson Davis Prentiss: David Cody Bryant, Joshua Daniel Daley and Randall Chandler Holloway.

Jones Ellisville: William Curtis Agent, Caleb Ethan Baker, Hope Alexsis Baugh, Sydney Nora Beech, Mary Kathryne Broom, Jessie Elaine Cameron, Brianna Riley Couch, Brittany LeAnne   Dean, Dylon Lee Eagen, Kemberly Ann Freeman, Anna Grace Gieger, Meagan Elizabeth Hanna, Benjamin Lee Henley, Carolyn Langley Holifield, Molly Springer Holifield, Endia Deness  Holliday, Marlee Nicole Hunnell, Christopher Austin Irvine-Sheely, Allie Taylor James, Wesley Aaron James, Lauren Christine Malone, Raven Semone McCormick, Dylan Thomas Meeks, Hannah  Brooke Miller, Anna Grace Mills, Ryan Alexander Nowell, Mary Ann O’Kennedy, Grayson Richard O’Neal, Miguel Angel Ordonez-Bonilla, Shakiya Destany Parker, Jasper Sean Penton, Sean Peoples, Victoria Amber-Sue Pounders, Terry Blake Rainey, Callie Elizabeth Shows, Trinity Leann Stewart, Ana C Sylvester, Tyler L Thompson, Zachary Flynt Thompson, Haley Brooke  Thrash, Bridgit Alene Wade, Jessica Leeann Wade, Brandon William Waldrup, Samuel Rylan Wilkerson, Logan Brett Wilson and Emily Lauren Youngblood.

Jones Hattiesburg: Maisen Bethany Keyes.

Jones Heidelberg: Maegan Rose Adams, Courtney  Grace Boothe, John Aaron Broadhead, Christian Daniel Schubert, Hannah Charlcy Smith and Todd Alexander Wells.

Jones Laurel: Alyssa Paige Anderson, Timothy Dwayne Anderson, Carolyn Grace Barlow, Thomas E Brown, Tanner Gabriel Bryant, Patrick Riley Callen, Kimberly Ranee Caron, Chloe Richanda Carter, Alexis Rena Davis, Zachary Gabriel Di Mauro, Kody Bernard Fagan, Esmeralda Denise Figueroa, Eliana Nishe Gaddy, Kimberly Genihea Gavin, Marvin E Gavin, Aliceson Elizabeth Green, Lauryn Ashley Heidelberg, Savannah Dawn Holifield, Virginia Ruth Hosey, Harleigh Elizabeth Howell, Crawford Joseph Hunter, Brent Matthew Hutchinson, MacKenzie Leigh Jordan, Tyshun Zhantrell King, Jacob Gabriel Ledet, Carla Ann Lott, Alexis Ramawii Lowry, Roxanne Twila McDonald, Kacie Denise McGowen, Conner Edward McLeod, Meagan Ashleigh McLeod, Hayley Jordan Miller, Daniel Kade Pierce, Kristen Diane Poore, Lauren LaRhae Powell, John-Thomas Skyler Reeves, Jessica Leigh Rowland, Courtney Paige Scarbrough, Matthew William Sexton, Charlena Nate’e Smith, Charlie Eugene Smith, Holly Reece Smith, Jacob Robert Jerome Smith, Abigayle Layne Strickland, Brandon     Paul Stringer, Levi Vance Sumrall, Sarah Catherine  Sumrall, Anna C Taylor, Cole Reece Taylor, Angilique D Thames, Austin Glenn Thompkins, Bailey Elizabeth Thornton, David Alonzo Thornton, Kalley Danielle Tolbert, Triston Nathanial Turner, Matthew Wade Waldrup, Tayler Elizabeth Walker, Melanie Kayden Waller, Kiwauna Jonice Washington, Sarah Elizabeth Watson, Ashlyn Nicole Wells, JaMarcus Trayveon White, Erica Delane Williams, Kayla Elizabeth   Yates, Ivy Brooke Taylor, Haley Brett Bounds, Dallas Caleb Brownlee, Alexis Leigh Carter, Jorge Alberto Castillo, Nathaniel Allen Hatton, Magen Erica McDurmond, Dillon Ray McMullan, William Reid Robertson, Cameron Michelle Sanford and Charlie    Marie Shattles.

Jones Ovett: Caitlin Nicole Broome, Kaleb   Joseph Creppel, Sidney Nicole Lee, Aubrey  Dannah Phillips and Tanner McCoy Walters.

Jones Seminary: James Clinton Ellzey, Precious Cheyanne Graham and Angela Carol Hardwick.

Jones Soso: Alexis Annette Brewer, Lauren Elizabeth Flynt, Sara Ashlee Graves, Ashlee Sanders Howard, Tyler Alan Jones, Aaron Bradford Powell, Matthew Blake Todd and Preston Charles Walters.

Jones Taylorsville: Cody Alan Doll, Erykah Shoshana Lindsey, Kerria Shuntill Terrell, Maurice  D Pruitt and Mary Voncile Coats.

Kemper DeKalb: Senous Jekobe Williams and Rodney Deshun Whitsett.

Lamar Hattiesburg: Joseph William Bullock, Grayson Maxwell Burge, Briana Laura Burton, Joshua Norman Lee, Coursey, Ana Karely Flores, Herbert Kendall Girtley, Jose Gracia, Payton Dejaun Harris, Kaylee Delayne Johnson, Juliet Olivia Lashley, Christa Annette Lott, Paige Elizabeth McCullough, Katelyn Ashleigh McDaniel, Kamryn Alexis McGee, Rusty Jordan Minter, Dylan Anthony Robinson, Ramone Kiishawn Rodgers, Ray Charles Rodgers, Laken Grace Rogers, Russell David Thornton, Hunter Matthew Warner, Zachary Russell Williams and Joci Breanna Rayborn.

Lamar  Purvis: Areauna E’Lexus Davis, Breanna McKenzie Garrard, Kaitlin Elizabeth Jones and Nicholas Andrew  Young.

Lamar  Seminary: Alexis Danielle Boyle.

Lamar Sumrall: Mollie Claire Aultman, Alexandra Kate Jackson, Hayley D’Ann Lott, Evan Luke Miller, Abby Kay Mills, Klay Marie Mills, Madison Nicole Newsom, Daniel Ryley Patterson, Drew Anthony Robbins,  Maria Lean Russell, Tabitha Lynn Rutland and Samuel Robert Williamson.

Lauderdale Collinsville: Kayla Love Collins.

Lauderdale Meridian: Jamyla Nycole Fenton.

Lawrence Sontag: Danielle Trene Sutton.

Lee Mooreville: James Thomas Henry.

Lincoln Brookhaven: Rafael O’Neill Burgos, Alexis Brianna Jackson and Jana Alexis Nations.

Madison Canton: Hunter G Jenkins.

Madison Madison: Sydney Christine Brady and Hayley Michelle Jackson.

Marion Columbia: Stephen Wayne Ball, Sean Nicholas McCraw, Alyssa Marie Pearce, Bryan Alan Porter and Katie Leigh Raybourn.

Oktibbeha Starkville: Kenneth Blake Rogers.

Pearl River Picayune: Michaela-Jean Gerea Waters.

Perry Beaumont: Taryn Nichelle Tyree.

Perry New Augusta: Tyler Terrell Eckford.

Perry Ovett: Brendon Carl Hollimon.

Perry Petal: Ryan Mathew Hill and Ally Madison Stansell.

Perry Richton: Brianna Nicole Colbert, Faith Amanda Davis, Sophia Cathleen Finley, Heath Knox Harvison, Hunter Cliff Harvison, Chasity Shae Jordan, Abbigail Hope  Ledet, Morgan DeAnna Shows, Kolby Joseph Walley, Kristin Faith Williford and Brycie Louise Wiseman.

Pike Summit: Jacob Cyrus Johnson.

Pontotoc Pontotoc: Judith Yvonne Susann Mills.

Rankin Brandon: Melissa Shelby James.

Rankin Florence: Cody Bryan Jacob Courtney.

Rankin Mendenhall: Robert Clinton Christman and Kelly Madison Ponder.

Rankin Pearl: Haleigh Renee’ Fitzgerald and Heather Christine Sullivan.

Scott Morton: Hannah Lee Walters.

Simpson Magee: Rebekah Delaney Allen, Owen Scott McCool and Emily Grace Wallace.

Simpson Mendenhall: Adele’ Jewel Hall, Avery Alden Harris, Austin Lee Jones and Tara Leanne Williamson.

Simpson Mount Olive: Koyasha Tarinique Bridges.

Simpson Pinola: Jeffery Thomas Kennedy and Angel Rose Powell.

Smith Forest: Anna Rose Strickland.

Smith Mize: Samantha Grace Hammons, Cory Layton Lee, Rishav Dutta Poudel  and Natalie Brooke Rice.

Smith Mount Olive: Caroline Elizabeth Herring, Haylee Danielle Welborn and Jordan Michelle Sistrunk.

Smith Pulaski : Dyson Kersh Bradshaw.

Smith Raleigh: Brittany Faith Breland, Steven James Craft, Justus Brandon Graham, Kelsey Nicole Hamilton, Dustin Chad Lambert and Abby Breann Lillie.

Smith Stringer: Jamie Madison Parker.

Smith Taylorsville: Tucker Jamison Boykin  , Shontessa Irene Harris, Breanna Irene Lowery, Jewel Victoria Nelson, Katherine Ruth Norris, Kendal Rhys Thompson, Owen Robert Tolar, James Paul Walley, Hannah May Westbrook and Robin Michelle Williams.

Stone Lumberton: Cody Lane Dedeaux.

Stone Perkinston: Raylen Alison Blackwell.

Walthall Tylertown: Madison Dawn Fairburn and Jada Gabrielle Holmes.

Warren Vicksburg: Rabshakeh Malik Shelley.

Washington Hollandale: Fredrick Lamar Smith.

Wayne Buckatunna: Amber Fryer Dailey.

Wayne Laurel: Jason Bryce Bedwell, Grady Kyle Mosley, Bailey A Porter and MaKayla BreAnn Walley.

Wayne Shubuta: Qui’ Darius Ziyshion Lofton and  Jonah Colton Roberts.

Wayne State Line: Jerneshia Moneshe Turner, Lakesha Woulard, Emily Mae Scarbrough, Jordan Lynn   Andrews,  Olivia  Parker  Cannon, Jaccobi Allanyah Chambers, Courtlyn Noelle Clanton, Courtney   LeAnn Cochran, Erica Lashae Cooley, Brayden Allen Doss, Hannah Danielle Dubin, Mya Nicole Everett, Morgan Erin Freeman, Savannah Alexis Griffin, Jacquelyne Lanette Hayes, Cadin Hunter Harper Humphrey, Matthew Robert McKee, Alexandria Schleigh Moore, Dallas Paige Moseley, Justin Kevonte Powe, Mollie  Catherine Singleterry, Maranda Kaye Thomas, Sawyer Keith Wadley, Carly Briana Walker, Peyton Walker, Kyla Leighann Webb and Laiklyn Simone Yeager.

Wilkinson Woodville: Colby Jarrell Dorsey.

Winston Louisville: Lakevias Dewan Daniel.


Derry, Ireland: Rachel Catherine Louise Barnaby.

Co. Waterford, Ireland: Glenn William Waters.

Butler, AL:  Tia Nikole Ridgeway.

Chatom, AL: Daniel  Ryan Beech.

Citronelle, AL: Nathaniel Bradley Duke.

Leroy, AL: Carley Rae Carpenter.

Millry, AL: Joshua Raiford Brown, Caleb James Singleton and Sydney Claire Whigham.

Mobile, AL: Matthew Stapleton Haight.

Saraland, AL: Blakely Dalton Morrison.

Semmes, AL: Tiffany Morgan Ogle.

Tuscaloosa, AL: I’Shayon A Green.

Gilbert. AZ: Bryce Martin Wade.

Blackshear, GA:  Stetson Fleming Bennett.

Addis, LA: Hailey Shayne Weems.

North Charleston, SC: James Marquell Middleton.

Memphis, TN: Kalyn DeShun Grandberry.

Adams Natchez: Cristofer Thompson.

Amite Liberty: Zailen D Allen, Dailen D Allen and Caitlynn Michelle Jones.

Amite Smithdale: Destinee Airelle Morgan.

Bolivar Shaw: Sierra  Symone King.

Claiborne Pattison: Rahem Jamarki  Shorter.

Claiborne Port Gibson: Jacory Leedell Rankin and Myron Pernell Stewart.

Clarke Enterprise: Jonathan David Phillips.

Clarke Meridian: Kendall Page Herrington.

Clarke Quitman: Karmen Ashley Davidson, D’Nay’La Katherine Zebornia Fuller and Danielle Nicole Gandy.

Clarke Shubuta: Jolynn Marie Schweppe.