Fall Break slows action in Jones College’s Bobcat Math League

ELLISVILLE – While nine of the thirteen teams participating in Jones College’s Bobcat Math League were off this week for various school-related programs, next week everyone will be observing Fall Break. This week’s matches were fairly uneventful scoring-wise but division rankings were affected.

Northeast Jones and West Jones High Schools came out ready for battle. Science Division leaders, the West Jones Mustangs were able to keep its first place ranking in the division as they trampled over the Laurel Tornadoes, 46 to 35.  Because the Northeast Jones Tigers earned the win against the Raleigh Lions in a close match, 27 to 21, combined with Laurel High School’s loss, the Tigers moved up a notch to third place in the division, knocking Laurel out of second place.  Presbyterian Christian moved up to the second place spot even though they did not compete this week.

In this week’s race to be the Most Outstanding Player, Sacred Heart’s Benjamin Dunn keeps the top spot with his 75 percent accuracy average.  Previous second-place MOP student from Laurel High School, Maxwell Dobbs moves to third place tied with Wayne County’s Joshua Curry with a 65 percent accuracy average.  Presbyterian Christian’s Mathew Morgan keeps his second place MOP ranking with a 70 percent accuracy average despite having this week off. Four students were tied for fifth place with a 60 percent accuracy average.

Competition returns the week of October 15, with the likelihood of more divisional changes. Top contender, West Jones will battle it out with cross-county foe, the Northeast Jones Tigers in the “Jungle.” Laurel High School gets the opportunity to possibly rise in the ranks as they face the Presbyterian Christian Bobcats who have the advantage of meeting on their home turf. Raleigh has the “bye” this week.

In the Technology Division, the Sacred Heart Crusaders will be bracing for an attempt from the Oak Grove Warriors to knock them off the top, allowing the Warriors to possibly take the lead in the Engineering Division. In order to accomplish that feat, the Wayne County War Eagles would have to lose its match against Wayne County foe, Wayne Academy which is currently in third place in the Technology Division. The odds are in favor of the War Eagles based on cumulative points but the Jaguars are ready to pounce on its cross-county competitor. Blocking any possible gains in division rankings for Wayne Academy could be the final results between the Columbia Academy and Heidelberg match-up.  The Cougars have a solid grip on second place in the Technology Division and could also benefit from an Oak Grove win.  Throwing a kink in everyone’s plans to rise in the division is the Perry Central Bulldogs who face the Quitman Panthers. Depending on who wins the match, an upset in the rankings is probable.

Results will be posted on the JC Bobcat Math League web page under “Division Standings/Schedules at: http://www.jcjc.edu/bobcatmathleague/ and scores in real time will be posted on the Bobcat Math League Facebook page: Bobcat Math League – Facebook. Weekly results can also be found in local media outlets.  For more information about the Bobcat Math League contact Dr. Jessica Bunch (JC Bobcat Math League Commissioner) at 601-477-5422 or email at jessica.bunch@jcjc.edu.