Jones College employees honored for service

ELLISVILLE – Sixty Jones College faculty and staff members were recently honored for their years of service to the college. Administrators and the JC Foundation treated everyone to lunch and an afternoon of basketball. JC administrators honored employees for their service at five-year increments, beginning with those who have served at least five years.

Serving the most years at the end of 2018 was Bonnie Warren, with 40 years. She has served in various roles in Student Affairs and is currently the Director of Enrollment Operations. The JC alumna said, “I have had a great 40-years here at Jones, and I hope to be here for many more. I have worked with a variety of people in many different departments who have all helped to inspire me to be a hard worker and a better person. Jones is a wonderful place to work and I have made many friendships over the years. I think you should always strive to make a difference in your work and continue to improve the qualities that make Jones great.”

Former JC Athletic Director, Katie Herrington, celebrated 30-years with Jones. Herrington has been a part of the athletic department in various roles. She has served as the Region XXIII Women’s Director and in other roles, for more than 25 years. At Jones, Herrington served as the head basketball coach of the Lady Bobcats for 11 years and she has taught health and P.E. classes for the past 19 years. The Smith County native retired from being Athletic Director after 12 years, but she continues to serve as Division Chair of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation department.

“For over 30 years I have been blessed to have a job whether it be coaching, teaching, or athletic director, and I have enjoyed them all. We always talk about being a part of the ‘Jones’ family and I believe that is true. I think we are blessed to work at a place where people care about one another. I hope over my tenure, I have had some positive influence over the students and the employees that I have worked with.”

Serving the college for 25 years, are Angela Cooley-math instructor; Patricia Brownlee-childcare teacher & women’s housing; Stacy Ruth-sociology instructor. 

Eight JC employees were recognized for their 20 years of service: Michael Boyd-guitar/music instructor; Rick Bedwell-business division chair; Rick Hamilton-VP of enrollment management; Marilyn Long-campus operations/duplicating; Corey Jones-math division chair; Kenneth Cummings-A.D. nursing instructor; Diasetta Nelson-housekeeping and Pamela Brownlee-WIOA Win Job Center.

Celebrating 15 years of employment at JC were Stan Lewis-electrical technology instructor; Gloria Newell-culinary arts instructor; Karen Purvis-student affairs; Lee Graham-JC Foundation; Latasha Peters-financial aid; Matthew Burnham-science instructor; Kevin Kuhn-bookstore; Shannon Wilks-workforce college; Kathryn Davis-social science instructor; Amanda McLeod-Asst. VP of enrollment management; Lauren Bell-A.D. nursing instructor; Joel Cain-Athletic Director; Missie Meeks-English instructor; Jessica Bunch-math instructor; Terry White-math instructor; Anna Brashier-nutrition instructor; Joanna Cooley-speech instructor and David Clark-workforce college.

Twelve JC employees were recognized for their 10 years of service including Gabe Mercier-I.T.; Caleb Smith-workforce college; Crystal Nail-external funding-grants; Lisa Purdum-marketing; Jody Buchanan-Clarke County Center director; Jennifer Wood-financial aid; Amy Myers-practical nursing; Fawn Shoemake-instructional affairs; Sabrina Smith-enrollment management; Cynthia May-practical nursing; Rochelle Dahmer-English instructor and Ricky Gaddy-maintenance.

After five years of employment at Jones, these sixteen employees were honored for their service: Joshua Oubre-culinary arts; Jimmie Freeman-maintenance; Ashley Adams-groundskeeper; Greg Griffith-electro-mechanical technology instructor; Christina Nixon-childcare; Lakin Craft-one card services; Ryan Hearn-civil engineering instructor; Mark Walters-biology instructor; Tim Morris-speech instructor; Chase Elmore-precision machining and manufacturing instructor; Rhonda Farrior-English instructor; Tommy Freeman-maintenance; Herbert Windham-housekeeping; Susie Polk-housekeeping; Darren McCraw-campus police and Bobby Dykes-groundskeeper.

Each honored employee was given a special item designed for each level of achievement: 5 years-small plaque; 10 years-large plaque; 15 years-clock; 20 years-small acrylic trophy; 25 years-medium acrylic trophy; 30 years-large acrylic trophy and an extra-large plaque for 40 years.

 (Pictures by Megan Clark, JC Digital Media Coordinator)