Jones College engineering students earn MS Engineering Society scholarships

ELLISVILLE –Jones College sophomores, Lauren Baker-Ellisville, Braden Dennis-Laurel, Samuel Marlow-Petal and Rebecca Speights-Silver Creek each received a Mississippi Engineering Society (MES) scholarship to earn their engineering degrees. Three students, Baker, Marlow and Speights are planning to attend Mississippi State University and Dennis has plans to earn his degree at the University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the Mary Boleware and the Jones College Engineering Club students,” said MES Scholarship Chairman, Steven Parker. “The Southeast Chapter of MES supports the Engineering Club at JC. We’re excited to have more engineers and we’ll support these students into their professional careers.”

For the last 22 years, Jones College’s physics instructor, Mary Boleware has worked with the Southeast Chapter of the Mississippi Engineering Society which has awarded annual scholarships to her students.

“The MES support our students as they transfer to a University Engineering Program,” said Boleware. “These four students have exhibited exemplary academic performance in one of the most challenging times in education. I wish them all the best as they continue their degree plans at the next level.”

Students receiving a scholarship from the MES are required to be members of the Jones College Engineering Society and have a GPA ranging from 3.5 to 4.0.  MES Scholarship Chairman, Steven Parker, explained each student’s GPA, essay and application were reviewed before being selected for the scholarship.

“The four students were awarded a total of $3,000 in scholarships to attend an accredited engineering program in the state. The Southeast Chapter of the Mississippi Engineering Society promotes and defends the rights of licensed professional engineers. Being an engineer is a prestigious discipline; these students will be the problem solvers of the future.”

Lauren Baker, a South Jones High School graduate has plans to specialize in chemical engineering. Her goal focuses on saving the environment after chemical spills.

“I hope to be able to help develop new oil dispersants to aid in clean-up efforts,” said Baker. “This scholarship is a blessing to help me further my education and reach my career goals.”

After interning with a civil engineering firm that focuses on bridge inspections, Speights hopes to continue working in that field with a goal of designing and building bridges.

“There are a lot of hard-working people competing for these scholarships. I’m excited knowing the MES professionals have confidence in me by awarding a scholarship to help earn my degree,” said Speights.

Marlow and Dennis have their sights on electrical engineering. Dennis said he plans to stay local and assist with designing electrical distribution grids in remapping efforts.

“I’m honored to be considered for this MES scholarship,” said Dennis who has a baby boy. “This will help a lot!”

Typically, The Southeast Chapter of the MES invites college and high school students to an annual meeting, exposing them to job opportunities and academic advice during Engineering Week. This year the festivities were canceled because of concerns with COVID-19.  JC’s Engineering Club co-hosts the annual event.

Picture: Jones College engineering students, Lauren Baker-Ellisville, Braden Dennis-Laurel, Samuel Marlow-Petal and Rebecca Speights-Silver Creek each received a scholarship from the Southeast Chapter of the Mississippi Engineering Society.  Pictured left to right is JC physics instructor and Engineering Club sponsor, Mary Boleware; Steven Parker P.E., Scholarship Chair of the Mississippi Engineering Society-Southeast Area Chapter; JC scholarship recipients, Lauren Baker, Braden Dennis and Rebecca Speights. Not pictured is Samuel Marlow of Petal.