Jones College celebrates retiring 2020 & 2021 employees

ELLISVILLE – Jones College held its annual “Retirement Tea” for 12 employees who retired in 2020 and the eight employees who are retiring this year. When combined, these 20 employees provided 459.5 years of service to JC, with some having additional years of service working at other educational institutions.

This year’s retirees include Ronald Bishop who has taught Social Science courses and served as the Division Chair for the department over his 32 years at Jones College. Lee Graham served in the Alumni and Foundation Office as Assistant Vice President for 18 years. For the last 15 years, Juanita Jefcoat worked for Workforce College as a Test Administrator at the Advanced Technology Center. Jeff Keeton has taught Forestry Technology for more than 26 years and served as Division Chair. Erin Knight also served the college for more than 26 years as Associate Degree Nursing Division Chair and instructor. Sonja McCaskill leaves Jones College after five years of teaching in the Social Science department. Tim Rayner is retiring after spending 28 years as a math instructor. Cheryl Windam has spent the last 25 years serving the college as an English instructor and Humanities Division Chair.

Retiring last May after 25 years, was Patricia Brownlee who worked in the Campus Housing department. Social Science instructor, Jacqueline Canizaro retired after 12 years. Joseph Davis served the college for 35 years as a Social Science and athletic trainer/instructor. After retiring as Athletic Director, Katie Herrington is also retiring as a physical education instructor after 32 years. Tim Ishee retired from teaching Agriculture Science after 34 years. Stan Lewis leaves Jones College with more than 17 years as an Electrical Technology instructor along with Randy Purdum, who spent 25 years also teaching Electrical Technology. Marilyn Long retired from the Duplicating Office after 22 years. David Lowery taught English courses for 18 years. After 29 years, Milton Newell retired from the Maintenance Department. Emily Phillips leaves the Associate Degree Nursing division as an instructor for 14 years. Winnie Walters ended her career as an instructor in Adult Education after 20 years.

Picture Cutline 20 and 21 retirees group – Jones College President, Dr. Jesse Smith and employees gathered to congratulate retiring employees from 2020 and 2021. These employees have served in various roles at the college and were honored at the annual Jones Retirement Tea. Pictured left to right seated are, Winnie Walters, Emily Phillips, Lee Graham, Erin Knight, Katie Herrington, Cheryl Windham, Jaqueline Canizaro, Sonja McCaskill and Marilyn Long.  Pictured standing in the back, left to right are Jones College President, Dr. Jesse Smith, Randy Purdum, David Lowery, Stan Lewis, Jeff Keeton, Joseph Davis, Milton Newell, Tim Rayner, Tim Ishee, and Ronald Bishop.