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Excitement is in the air as we approach the beginning of the Spring 2021 semester, leaving 2020 behind! Not only are many of our students returning to campus, but faculty that have been teaching from off campus due to COVID restrictions for almost a year.

We can't let our guard down in terms of safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID, but even masked up we know there will be many hidden smiles as Bobcats embark on a combination of online and face to face learning.

We offer a variety of class formats, classes and terms. COVID accelerated our commitment at Jones to offer quality, flexible education with real life schedules and circumstances in mind to provide an achievable path of success for traditional students, nontraditional students and workforce.

Take Note: This is how Attendance will be counted for Traditional Classes

Attendance will be determined through a combination of face-to -face and virtual class meetings. Roll will be taken in face-to-face classes and completion of online work will also count as attendance on a weekly basis.

Students should attend class on campus one day, one time a week for each class. A list of face-to-face meeting times is listed on the link below. Your instructor is your primary contact for any questions you have.

Don't worry, small group sizes will be maintained to meet local, state, and federal guidelines.

October 1, 2020 Enrollment begins.
January 14, 2021 MSVCC Online Course Open Registration Held Virtually
January 19, 2021 MSVCC Online Classes and Dual Credit classes begin
January 29, 2021 Spring Hybrid Courses Open Registration Held Virtually
February 1, 2021 Hybrid Classes Begin


Availability of classes may change due to enrollments and withdrawals that occur. Contact Enrollment Services with any enrollment questions, 601.477.4257