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When to contact the academic coach?

        • Student’s grades begin dropping

        • Excessive absences are noted


        • Student’s attentiveness or demeanor changes

        • Issues are noted in a student’s academic behaviors (ex. notetaking, study skills, time management, etc…)

        • Student has questions regarding college processes (ex. forms needed for Financial Aid)

It is recommended to contact the student’s academic coach as soon as the student begins to experience academic problems. The coach will schedule a meeting with the student to work on needed skills. Other obstacles such as problems with transportation or not having internet at home may also present themselves during the meeting. The coach can then consult a desk reference which contains outside resources that may provide solutions for those types of problems.

Who is the student’s academic coach?

You can find a student’s academic coach by using the following navigation in PeopleSoft:

Main Menu – Self Service – Student Center –
You will see the Academic Coach listed below the faculty advisor on the right side of the page.