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Who is my academic coach?

Your academic coach is also your orientation course instructor. The academic coach is a JCJC professional who is devoted to helping you navigate the college experience. Along with your academic coach, you will examine your learning style, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. Then, together as a team, you and your academic coach will work to create and put in place more effective strategies for your success. The aim is for your academic coach to help you discover what it takes to achieve academic success.


If you are unsure of who your academic coach is, you can find this information through your orientation course in Canvas, on your JCJC course schedule, or by contacting

The Academic Coach and the Student Roles and Responsibilities

The success of academic coaching hinges on the extent to which both students and academic coaches meet individual responsibilities. The most important aspect of the relationship between you and your coach is COMMUNICATION!

 What to Expect From Your Academic Coach

Your academic coach will:

• Request to meet with you at least 3 times during your first semester. The your academic coach is available to you during your entire freshman   experience. The intent is to keep moving you towards success. The meetings may be conducted face-to-face, by text, phone, or email. 

• Be supportive and frequently communicate with you by text, phone, or email.

• Be available to assist you as needed in navigation of the college experience.

• Have the ability to connect you to campus resources. 

• Offer assistance in the development of academic skills, as needed, to aid in success (time management, study skills, GRIT, problem solving,  etc.)

• Assist with JCPortal and your orientation course through Canvas as needed.


What Is Expected of You:


• You are expected to meet with your academic coach regularly by text, email, phone or face-to-face communication.

• You should notify your academic coach of changes in appointments, career plans, and class schedule or of life changes that impact educational goals and/or career plans. (ex. new job, new baby, etc…).

• Plan in advance for each meeting with your academic coach by preparing questions and being ready to communicate your needs to your academic coach. Disclose and discuss any unsatisfactory academic performance and its implications with your coach.

• After each coaching session, follow through on actions identified (ex. Following up with financial aid, connecting to tutoring services, etc.)

• You should complete early registration process each semester through a meeting with your faculty advisor (October for spring classes; March for summer/fall classes). Additionally, communicate with your faculty advisor as needed for academic advisement and career planning.

• Be familiar with the academic calendar, including first and last day of class, holidays, mid-term exams, final exams, and registration period.

• Connect to campus services as needed to ensure academic success

• Engage in campus clubs, organizations, and campus life

• Attend class and comply with campus attendance policies

• Check your email daily as this is JCJC’s official source of communication

• Keep personal contact information updated through the Office of Admissions.

• Accept final responsibility for all decisions.