A Message From The Alumni Association President

Jones College afforded me opportunities beyond my imagination as a student. Being part of a unique atmosphere, Jones allowed me to form connections with instructors while pursuing an excellent education. Everyone made me feel like I was part of a family.

Coming back to campus when my husband, Grant became the Men’s Housing Director, allowed us the opportunity to be a part of the Jones family in an even more unique way. We were given the chance to bond with students and be a part of something much bigger than we envisioned. Raising three children on the campus enabled us to be a part of a special lifestyle that gave us the chance to create memories and fond relationships we will treasure forever. Now, two of my children have joined the ranks of JC Bobcats and it is home to them also.
Once again, I’ve been given a rare chance to be a part of the Jones Family on another level. I now have the distinguished honor of serving as Alumni Association President. Serving my community and fellow Bobcats is very exciting to me! I look forward to the opportunity to include more alumni in the family at Jones College as we move to another level of opportunity.

We are actively pursuing JC alumni to honor. Please join us to come back and be a part of this great family by participating in the search for those we should honor for their accomplishments and careers advancements since leaving Jones College. The possibilities are endless, the achievements are immense, and we want to recognize more alumni than ever before by offering an opportunity to all generations of Bobcats. Among the ways we want to honor fellow alumni, we are inviting nominations for the Rising Star Alumni Award, the Achievement and Excellence Alumni Award, the Legacy Alumni Award, the Outstanding Alumni Award and the Distinguished Service Award. You can find nominations forms on the JC website at https://www.jcjc.edu/alumni_foundation/alumni/

I hope you’ll join me at Homecoming when we showcase how great it is to be a JC Bobcat!

Anita Shawn Crowder

Alumni Officers

Ginger Keeton (Vice President), Anita Shawn Crowder (President), and Mary Boleware (Secretary/Treasurer)

Alumni Magazine

Alumni Association Membership

The Jones College Alumni Association functions as an outreach arm of the college. Through our endeavors we hope to encourage loyalty and support for the many things that make Jones College great. 

Membership in the Alumni Association provides access to the Terrell Tisdale Library and its facilities.  You will also receive 10% off all apparel at the JC Bookstore.  Most of all, alumni membership provides a connection to friends, campus, special events, alumni publications, all that rekindle memories at Jones.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Jones College Alumni Association! Complete the form provided below and connect with us.