A Message From The Alumni Association President

Jones College has been a tremendous blessing to me from my years as a student and being involved in campus activities and organizations until now. It amazes me to think back as to how much of God’s plan for my life involved Jones College. Being a part of student government and greeting future students assisted with my decision to pursue a career in marketing. I was also fortunate to receive a scholarship from the foundation as a student for which I will forever be grateful for that assistance with my education. Coming back to various events allowed me to meet my husband, Jeff. He and I served together at Jones College for 12 years in teaching and administrative roles along with being a part of every committee and event that we could find a place on our calendar. We both attended Jones and are Lifetime Members of the Alumni Association. Our son has been on this campus in various capacities his entire life and can’t wait to attend. As a student, I worked on campus and am now in year 18 of my career at Jones College. So, I have an immense love for Jones, and it is a place I call home. It is a place I feel butterflies sometimes when coming onto campus or in being a part of special events and traditions. I love Jones from the bottom of my heart! It is a place to grow, to excel, and to thrive! I represent Jones College everywhere I go, and I can honestly say I AM JC!

The reason Jones is so special to me is because of the people. I received guidance from many instructors who cared about me as a student and took an active role in shaping me into the person that I am today. Jones has fabulous instructors who are phenomenal at what they do and who truly care about the needs of their students. So, I wanted to come home and be a part of that. In fact, out of all my roles at Jones as there have been many, the role of Alumni President is the one I am most humbled and honored to hold. I would love for everyone to have a unique experience just as I did that has helped to write the story of my life. One of my favorite activities at Jones College is meeting and recruiting students as I get to hear their stories and to share mine. I would love for you to be a part of Jones College if you are searching for a place to continue your education in a positive environment filled with inspiration from each building and every person. I would love to hear your dreams, aspirations, and YOUR story! If you have someone who is searching for a college, please tell them about exploring Jones College as they make that decision. If you attended school at Jones College and are not part of the Alumni Association, it is not too late. We would love to welcome you, and the information to join is right here.


I am excited about growing the Alumni. We have many exciting activities each year such as a Day of Giving, Homecoming Reunions, Honor Alumni recognitions, Sports Hall of Fame Recognition, Clay Shoots, and Golf Tournaments. The future is filled with more exciting opportunities. Over the past couple of years, we have honored several alumni- two of which I have had the pleasure of teaching. If you have someone you would like to nominate for this upcoming year, you can find nomination forms and categories on the Jones College website at https://www.jcjc.edu/alumni_foundation/alumni/. Among the Alumni awards are Rising Star, Achievement and Excellence, Legacy, Outstanding Alumni, and Distinguished Service. We welcome your nominees, and we hope you join us for some alumni activities. It's the greatest time to be a Bobcat!

Ginger Keeton

Alumni Officers

Ginger Keeton


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Vice President

Amanda McLeod


Alumni Association Membership

The Jones College Alumni Association functions as an outreach arm of the college. Through our endeavors we hope to encourage loyalty and support for the many things that make Jones College great. 

Membership in the Alumni Association provides access to the Terrell Tisdale Library and its facilities.  You will also receive 10% off all apparel at the JC Bookstore.  Most of all, alumni membership provides a connection to friends, campus, special events, alumni publications, all that rekindle memories at Jones.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Jones College Alumni Association! Complete the form provided below and connect with us.