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Workforce College

Jones College is dedicated to ensuring the greatest in vocational and workforce training education in the nation.

What Is Workforce College?

The Workforce College provides training opportunities to the citizens of Jones, Covington, Smith, Wayne, Jasper, Greene, Clarke and Perry Counties. The training is conducted in accordance with the Workforce Education Project Policies as developed by the Mississippi Community College Board.

Our Mission

The mission of the Workforce College at Jones College is to provide quality education and training to the citizens in the Jones College district; produce the skills needed to be more productive and to have an improved quality of life; provide the employers in those counties a better trained and educated workforce; train for higher skilled and higher wage jobs for businesses, industries and employees of our district; and provide a state-of-the-art training facility for the businesses, industries and communities in Jones and surrounding counties.

Why Choose Jones?

At Jones, EVERYTHING is workforce training. Our goal is to develop a flexible, responsive training system that creates a multiple entry/exit career pathway that enables a participant to receive college transcribed credit for non-credit, credentialed training by using innovative and engaging delivery methods.

Online Workforce College

The Online Workforce College (OWC) is a fully-online, self-paced learning platform that is supported by Jones College and Mississippi Community College Board and designed to help people gain work-ready skills. In addition, the OWC will help employers deliver and track online pre-hire and professional development training for their organization.


Adult Ed. / Integrated Pathways

The Adult Education Department of Jones College provides opportunities for individuals to improve basic skills, obtain a high school equivalency, and proceed to college or the workforce. We offer customizable career pathways to meet the individual needs of each student.


Testing Centers

Jones College offers testing services and high-stakes professional certifications through a wide range of testing vendors. Our testing centers are open-to-the-public, five days a week.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development at Jones College assists business and industry in our eight-county district to ensure companies have the best training possible. The Workforce Development department also helps individuals gain new and marketable skills through open-to-the-public training programs in five different locations throughout the district and online. We offer an initial needs assessment meeting to help identify your needs and craft solutions based on your unique organization. Contact us today!

External Funding/Grants

The external funding office aids soliciting and accepting grants for projects and activities connected to the college’s mission and strategic plan. Examples of projects might include acquisition of equipment, or support for the teaching, and public service functions.

Office of Career Services

The Student Employment Services office helps students who are interested in entering the work field during school or recently after graduating. In Work Based Learning, Students can learn a variety of skills by expanding the classroom into the community with hands-on experiences.


Learning Centers

Jones College has expanded education and training services in Clarke County, Greene County, Jasper County, Jones County and Wayne County by building modern facilities capable of housing critical education services. Jones College determined that there is sufficient need these learning centers based upon several factors: on-going demand for classes currently being offered, business expansion occurring within commuting distance of each county, geographic location of the county, demographic information, and number of students enrolled in community colleges per county. Each county mentioned has a robust, thriving center to accommodate students where they are educationally and geographically.

JC Job Seekers/ Employer Partnership Information

Are you a Jones student looking for employment? Are you an employer looking for job seekers? Our Job Placement Services page can help connect employers and Jones job seekers.