The Jones College Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet will be held each year on a game day during the football season, where inductees will receive a Jones College Athletic Hall of Fame award.

The selection committee will include the Jones College President, Jones College Vice President of Advancement, Athletic Director, President and Vice President of Alumni Association, at-large member of Bobcat Club, and three appointed members of the Jones College Board of Trustees. The chairman of the board will appoint three members in January after the election of the Board of Trustees.

All nominations placed before the Selection Committee shall be evaluated and considered.

If a nominee is not selected, his/her nominations shall be retained for future consideration of the committee.

The selection committee may choose one alternate each year who will be given preferential consideration the following year.

A three-fourths vote of the committee shall be required for election into the Hall of Fame, and no election shall be valid unless as many as five members of the committee are present and
voting. No proxy or absentee votes will be permitted.

A maximum of five inductees will be selected each year. One of the five inductees may be elected posthumously.

Who is eligible?

  • Coaches and athletic directors must be out of active coaching at Jones College for at least 3 years before nomination.
  • Athletes must have been out of intercollegiate athletics for at least 10 years before nomination.
  • Individuals other than coaches or athletes who have made major contributions to Jones College athletics may also be considered for selection.
  • Must be a member of the Jones College Alumni Association.


  • Athletic and leadership accomplishments while at JC, other institutions, and professional organizations.
  • Community involvement and community service.
  • Continual support of Jones College.
  • Consideration of character and leadership qualities
  • Inductees must attend ceremony or be represented by family, if deceased.

Hall of Fame Nomination