Jones College

Work from Home

Workspace Accessories and Equipment

You may need to modify or add to your existing office equipment to accommodate the unique circumstances of your remote work environment.

Possible accessories and equipment to consider: webcams, laptop/desktop/tablet, microphone for a web conference.

Laptop image

Accessing Your Work Remotely

Many key applications and document repositories are completely network-accessible, from your college issued laptop or tablet or from your personal laptop or tablet, as long as you know the correct URL to access the resource.

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Accessing Electricity and Internet

Electricity and internet access are prerequisites to being able to work remotely. If you cannot make it in to work, this access might not be available at your home.

Plan ahead by becoming familiar with your options to access these services near your home. These options might include working from the homes of local family, friends, or neighbors; or working from coffee shops or libraries with wi-fi.

Collaboration Tools

Location doesn’t matter when you’ve got reliable online tools to help you connect and collaborate with colleagues.