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Online classes are an exciting and convenient way to earn college credit. Online classes at Jones College are managed by The Office of eLearning located in the Academic Support Building on campus. Over 80 online courses are offered and a list of these is on our website http://class-search.jcjc.edu/. In very basic terms, a computer and internet connection are all you need to navigate an online course.

Online classes are a bit different though. Both traditional and online classes provide the same course content. Online classes do require a bit more self-motivation, time discipline and independent work. The best and the worst thing about online classes is flexibility. Some students love the freedom online classes offer and excel, while others need the structured learning that a face to face classroom setting provides.

Once enrolled, you will be given a Canvas login and password. On the first day of classes be sure you can login. Report any issues to the eLearning office immediately at (601) 477-5454.

Assignments are completed on a weekly basis. Attendance is taken weekly as stated in the instructor's syllabus. On the third absence, the student is dropped from the course. All quizzes and exams are taken online EXCEPT 2-3 proctored exams for each online class.

Correspondence between the student and instructor is accomplished through the Jones email system. Be sure you can log into your email. Any questions pertaining to email should be directed to the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@jcjc.edu or (601) 477-4160.


Each class is set up differently, but all will have the same basic elements including weekly assignments and 2-3 proctored exams. When logging into the course for the first time, students should read all announcements and the course syllabus. Most instructors have directions for the course listed in the announcements. If you have any questions at any time, email your instructor or contact us at (601) 477-5454

Yes. The tuition and lab fees are the same as other courses, but there is a $30.00 fee added per online course.

Yes. The Financial Aid Office does not differentiate between online or traditional classes when it pertains to receiving funds. All questions about Financial Aid should be directed to (601) 477-4225.

Most of the courses are not self-paced. Students should read the course syllabus to obtain the layout/structure of the class.

Access to a computer
Ability to navigate web pages
Textbook (some courses use ebooks)

Jones College does not limit students in the number of online classes they can take in any given semester. Jones does have a student load policy as outlined in the catalog. Generally, a student can take up to 19 hours of classes without the Dean's approval.

The policy for Jones online courses is the same as for traditional courses. Attendance is taken in online courses. Failure to turn in assignments could result in the student's withdrawal from the course. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from a course before the refund and drop date deadlines. Students should email their eLearning instructor to withdraw from an online course. Withdrawals are not accepted by phone.

Proctored exams are the tests given at a certified testing center in Mississippi to ensure the integrity of online classes. They cannot be taken at home. This is the only time an online student will need to come to a testing center. Photo ID is required.

Exceptions: Out-of-state residents or military personnel stationed outside of the state must arrange for an acceptable test site at their own expense. These students should use the Off-Campus Proctor Exam Request form to request a proctoring site.

Proctored Exams

Where can I take my proctored exams?

Any MSVCC testing center in the state!

Out of state? Military?

The out of state testing center should fill out  the upper section of the form and the  student supply information for the lower half. The form should be emailed to eLearning at online@jcjc.edu.

How do I schedule appointments for proctored exams?

Review the document for a step by step guide on how to schedule an appointment.

Available proctor testing times can be seen on each calendar day in SmarterProctoring. Each day may be different so to ensure that proctor testing times are available. During busy mid-term and final exam testing, proctor testing hours will be extended. For more information on proctor testing times and schedules, see SmarterProctoring.

Online MSVCC Proctored Exam Non-Cancellation Charge Policy

Jones College students who schedule an appointment for MSVCC Proctored Exams and do not cancel the appointment before their scheduled testing time will be charged a $25.00 non-cancellation fee. All testing appointments are canceled after the student is more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment time. The Business Office will apply the $25.00 fee for each non-canceled appointment time. This fee cannot be covered by scholarships or financial aid. The student will be notified by email from the eLearning Office when the non-cancellation policy is violated. The student should reschedule the testing appointment.


Ashley Beard

Director of eLearning
Academic Support Building
(601) 477-5454

Alexis Rambo

eLearning Proctor
Academic Support Building
(601) 477-5454

Jackie Sellers

eLearning Proctor
Academic Support Building
(601) 477-5454

Kandie Johnson

Academic Support Building
(601) 477-5454

How to Access your Online Classes

Canvas is the management system used at Jones to access online classes. To access Canvas please log into your myJones account and click the link under LaunchPad section for Canvas login.

If for some reason you are unable to access myJones you may access the login directly using the link below A link to the Canvas Student Guide, created by the Canvas Team is a great tool to help you throughout your course.

Username: Your full Jones email address, first letter of first name full last name last four of ID number @jcjc.edu (ex: jdoe1234@jcjc.edu.")

Password: jcjc last 4 of social security number Example: jcjc####

Helpful Resources


Learn more about how to download your ebook for offline use on your device or how to order a printed copy.


Jones is a member of the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC), which provides internet-based courses statewide. MSVCC is a consortium of Mississippi's community/junior colleges.


Through MSVCC, students may take courses from the other community/junior colleges while getting support services from Jones College, as long as the course is in the course catalog. 

To take a course from another (remote) college, a student enrolls at a local (Jones College) community/junior college. The local college provides the best of on-campus support with student services, including advisement and counseling, financial aid, and learning resources.

The remote college provides the course and instruction while the local college awards the credit for the course.


What is READI?

READI is a tool which helps you determine your level of readiness for taking online courses.

READI is fun. Your scores on this assessment will not prevent you from being able to take online classes, nor will your scores impact your grades in courses you may already be taking. READI is provided by Jones to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses better as you prepare to learn online. READI is a tool to help you succeed!

After completing READI you will view a webpage which will show you your scores in easy to interpret graphs and text. In addition to that, you may receive an email from us letting you know about sources for support in the areas in which you could use some assistance.

So how do I get started?

Follow the link below to the READI quiz page.

Log in using:
Username: jcjc
Password: readi

Canvas Support


You can reach us by phone 24/7/365. We’re always here. If you happen to dial us
while everybody is on the phone with someone else, you can leave a voicemail and we’ll get right back to you.

Call: 855.308.2755


We’ll provide a first response to these within an hour.

This is the best way to file a ticket with us. Why? Canvas grabs a bunch of relevant error / browser information and includes it with the ticket for you. 


Click the “Help” button in the upper right-hand corner of Canvas

Choose “Chat With Canvas Support” from the menu that appears

Click the “Find someone to chat with” button on the page to which you’re directed 


You may need to file a ticket by email sometimes. Send your message to: