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The Jones College Catalog is provided in Adobe PDF format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. It is recommended that you download and print the table of contents and/or index section to assist you in the use of the catalog.

IMPORTANT: The documents in this catalog are those as published by the college in the spring of 2019 (with later updates) for the 2019-2021 Catalog. Every effort will be made to keep them up-to-date. However, policies, procedures, course requirements and other related documents on file in the various offices of the college supersede this on-line catalog. This on-line catalog and downloaded versions do not constitute legal and binding contracts.

The College reserves the right to change policies stated within the catalog when necessary.

2019-2021 Catalog Cover

2019 - 2021

Complete course catalog 


Page 141-145 BOT

Page 184-186 Commercial Truck Driving

Page 208-211 Welding

Page 133 & 235 Culinary Arts

Page 201 & 244 Heating and Air

Page 152 Business and Marketing Management

Page 61-66 Associate Degree Nursing

Page 45 Dual Credit

Page 222 Life and Learning Skills

Page 83 Music Industry - Recording Arts

Page 155-158 & 237 Early Childhood Education Technology

Page 161-166 & 241-242 EMT

Page 198-199 Entry Level Petroleum Trainee

Page 64-65 LPN to RN

Pages 166 & 244 Long-term Health Care Assistant

Pages 57 & 58 Veterans

Pages 204-208 & 250-252 Pipefitting

Pages 181 & 228 Light Duty Diesel

Academic Calendar

Previous Catalogs

Catalog Cover


Complete Course Catalog


Page 180-182 Commercial Truck Driving

Page 71 & 89

Page 107 Dental Hygiene

Page 108 Dental Hygiene

Page 115 Pharmacy

Page 117-118

Page 136 Horticulture

Page 156 Cosmetology

Page 192 Petroleum

Page 193-195 Heating and Air Conditioning

Page 209

Page 72 Nursing

Page 84 & 87 Music Education

Page 96 Elementary Education