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Dr. Jesse Smith

Jones College has filled my life and the lives of thousands of others with many rich, colorful memories. From the classrooms and ball fields to the pomp and circumstance of graduation ceremonies and convocations, I continue to be in awe of the greatness of our history, and inspired to lead into the future.

As the college’s president I have always relied on the dedication and hard work of our Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff and students. Through our united efforts Jones has reached lofty goals in our quest to provide superior academic and technical programs, not only on our main campus, but also through County Centers in our surrounding district, and online classes accessed from the convenience of home.

A rewarding experience is available to a wide variety of students seeking to achieve success in their education journey at Jones. High school students have the option of partnering with Jones through dual enrollment programs at their local high schools. Over 80 associate degree and numerous technical programs culminate in either certificates or graduation diplomas. Our vocational and technical programs provide state of the art training for those in search of job training and workforce skills. Engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, even television stars; and the list goes on and on of so many professionals in a variety of fields, who began their academic path at Jones.

Opportunity abounds at Jones College. We celebrate our heritage while at the same time embracing the fast paced, technology centered world that promises to carry us to exciting accomplishments never imagined. What a great time to be at Jones!

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