Jones OneCard

The Jones Student ID Card, or "OneCard", is an essential component of the college living and learning environment at JCJC. Your OneCard identifies you as a privileged member of the JCJC community.

Jones Onecard

Guest Deposits

Access and JCJC Funds

  • Free access pass to the fitness center, health clinic, athletic events, the library and more.
  • Bobcat Bucks - Buy on the fly when you deposit funds into your Bobcat Bucks account.
  • Book Voucher - access financial aid for bookstore purchases.
  • Pre-paid meal plans for residents.
  • Door access for student residents.
  • Bobcat Prints - Printing made easy.

All these services are available through your OneCard! If you haven't received yours or if you have questions, come see us at the OneCard office or email us at


To obtain a card, a person must be admitted to the college and provide at least one of the acceptable forms of identification listed below.

Acceptable forms of identification – (all must contain a photo and not be more than 1 year expired):

  • Driver’s license from any state or U.S. territory
  • U.S. or Mississippi state or local government employee ID card
  • Personal ID card issued by the State of Mississippi
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Military Identification Card (active duty or retired)
  • Tribal ID card

1. College employees are authorized to require identification of anyone on college property at any time, but particularly when requesting any services and/or benefits from the college. Refusal by individuals to provide proper ID may be denied the services/benefits and may be referred to Campus Police.

2. If doubt arises as to the validity of a government-issued ID which is presented anywhere and at any time to a college official, faculty, or staff member, the student will be referred to the Campus Police Office for a ruling on the ID's validity.

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