Jones College

Pathway USA, College of Nursing Early Admission Program

Earning a bachelor’s degree is easier through a partnership between Jones College and The University of South Alabama. The “Pathway USA” partnership provides more access to four-year degree options for the residents of South Mississippi and South Alabama seeking to obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).

One of the big benefits to Jones ADN students with a 2.75 GPA is that they can receive scholarships and guaranteed in-state tuition to pursue a four year degree through this option.

Other benefits include reverse transfer options and simultaneous earning of an associate's degree and USA coursework, that counts toward credit hours for a baccalaureate degree. Jones College graduates of the Associate Degree of Nursing program are eligible for perks as a result of the University of South Alabama’s College of Nursing’s first collaborative agreement with a community college, under the Pathway USA partnership.


Jones College Enrollment Counselor
Rachel Jefcoat
(601) 477-5446

The University of South Alabama Office of Admissions
(251) 460-7834

  • The RN to BSN courses are taught completely online and students are not required to go to their campus.
  • The underlined courses listed on the "RN to BSN Prerequisite" document are required to enroll as an early acceptance RN to BSN student at USA.
  • Once these courses are completed and criteria are met, students may enroll in RN to BSN courses at USA during their 4th and 5th semester of the program at JC.
  • The following courses may be completed online while enrolled at Jones: NU 450,NU 451, and NU 452.
  • Students may complete the final three courses of the RN to BSN pathway after graduating from JC, successfully completing the NCLEX-RN certification exam, and completing all remaining required prerequisite courses.
  • These final three courses may be completed in one semester or extended to two semesters.
  • The total number of credit hours for the RN to BSN program at USA includes the following:
    1. Prerequisites-59 credit hours
    2. RN to BSN Coursework-24 credit hours
    3. Institutional Credit Hours (Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology) awarded in the final semester of the program-9 credit hours
    4. Nursing Credit awarded in the final semester of the program-30 credit hours. Total Credit Hours - 122 credit hours.
  • The tuition and fees may be reviewed on the following South Alabama website.
  • The RN-BSN coursework is $328 per credit hour plus fees.