Business Office Technology

Business and Office Technology is a two-year program of study which requires courses in the technical core, designated areas of concentration, and the academic core. The Associate in Applied Science Degree is earned upon successful completion of the Business and Office Technology curriculum. Successful completion of the first year of the Office Systems Technology program entitles a student to receive an Office Assistant Certificate.

Office Systems Emphasis

The Administrative Office Technology emphasis prepares students to work in an integrated office environment of people, processes, and technologies. Students are trained to use a variety of office technology and computer-based applications. Courses taught include: Keyboard Skillbuilding, Electronic Spreadsheets, Business Accounting, Desktop Publishing and Database Management. Students are provided training for employment as administrative assistants, office assistants, and office clerks.


Office Systems Technology (Career Certificate)
Office Systems Technology (Technical Certificate)
Office Systems Technology (A.A.S.)

Health-Care Data Emphasis

Health-Care Data Technology students develop skills to manage medical information in both paper files and electronic systems. Curriculum content prepares students to code medical claims and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes in databases and registries, and to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories. Industries that employ the majority of health care technicians are hospitals, physicians’ offices and nursing care facilities in positions including, medical records clerk, medical office assistant and medical transcriptionist.


Healthcare Data Technology (Career Certificate)
Healthcare Data Technology (Technical Certificate)
Healthcare Data Technology (A.A.S)

Program Length

  • Two Semesters (Certificate Exit Point)
  • Four Semesters

Degree(s) Offered

  • Certificate (Office Systems Technology)
  • Associate in Applied Science

Federal Register 75 FR 66832 Program Integrity Issues requires all colleges to disclose information on non-degree certificate programs that are at least one year in length and that are eligible for Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid (Gainful Employment Programs). To know more, view the programs and required information on each of these programs.

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