Business Division

Jones Business Division

The Business Division offers curricula to meet the requirements for students majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, International Business, Management Information Systems, Business Education, Health Information Management, Office Administration, and other business-related majors. Requirements for the Computer Science major are also listed in this division. The prescribed courses outlined in the catalog of the senior institution in which the student plans to transfer should be correlated with the course of study outlined for the first two years at the junior college level. Students are urged to work closely with business advisors in order to assure enrolling in the correct courses for transfer to senior institutions of student's choice:

Important: All business majors pursing an Associate in Arts degree from Jones County Junior College are required to take the following business courses in order to complete the professional component of the program: Accounting I (ACC 1213); Introduction to Business (BAD 1113); Legal Environment of Business (BAD 2413); Business Management and Microcomputers (BAD 2533) or Computer Concepts (CSC 1113); and Economics I (ECO 2113).

Students should always consult the catalog of the senior institution for details concerning specific courses and the transfer process.

Business Division Curriculum:

Accounting and Business Administration Programs
Administrative Communication (Instructional Technology)
Business Technology Education (Instructional Technology)
Computer Science
Health Information Management
Healthcare Marketing (Pharmaceutical Sales)
Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
International Business
Management Information Systems