Civil Engineering Technology

The Civil Engineering Technology program is designed to provide advanced technical and communication skills to students. Upon graduation, the student should be able to perform technical tasks and report results to the appropriate authority. A portion of the Associate in Applied Science degree is accepted by the School of Engineering Technology at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), toward the four year Construction Engineering Technology bachelor degree program.

Program Length

  • Four semesters with an optional summer semester available


Degree(s) Offered

  • Certificate
  • Associate in Applied Science


Jones County Junior College is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Federal Register 75 FR 66832 Program Integrity Issues requires all colleges to disclose information on non-degree certificate programs that are at least one year in length and that are eligible for Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid (Gainful Employment Programs). To know more, view the programs and required information on each of these programs.